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No President in the history of the United States has played tough with China, so the communists across the Pacific Ocean have had their way with unfair trade practices and our economic well-being without anything, or anyone, standing up to them and demanding the contrary.  President Trump has decided this kind of unfair play by the Chinese against the United States needs to end, and he believes it is his duty and obligation to make sure the trade deals with China are on a level that are more fair to U.S. interests.  China’s fears of losing their corrupt position on the world stage of trade has them bucking back, and the speculators and investors of Wall Street are nervous as a result, which has the market going into a bear market, for now.

Wall Street has been on a steady upward trend for a long time.  Corrections, adjustments, and occasional downturns are a necessary requirement, every once in a while.  The current downward trend of the Stock Market may have some leftists crying “the sky is falling,” but the reality is it is a market that encourages buying.  Investors should be excited about this current market, since President Trump’s policies, and the likelihood of a return to a GOP majority in the House and Trump’s reelection after the next election promises a stronger economic market on the horizon, rather than a recessionary period as the Democrats are trying to convince everyone.

Resolve is what is needed, and our President has it.  As he always does, he only needs to stand firm, and stay in place longer than the Chinese in this global financial game of chicken; progressive fiery darts and arrows, notwithstanding.

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