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President Trump has called for American Troops, now that ISIS is practically nothing more than a minor irritant, from Syria’s northeast region.  This leaves the Kurds on their own in the fight, with a possible resurgence of ISIS, or the advancement of Turkish or Iranian troops, into the region.  Many Republicans have voiced that they fear the possible withdrawal will create a vacuum in the area, placing a small band of Christians, and the Kurds, in danger.  The Pentagon has stated that the potential move has not been undertaken, though a few bases have been left empty.  Trump states he believes it is no longer necessary for America to have boots on the ground in the area.

While in the past a withdrawal of troops in an area of the Muslim World has shown to create a vacuum, and becomes an invitation for bad people to move into the area, those things happened under administrations that were weak and unwilling to do something about it if the assumed inevitability happens.  In the case of Trump, he has shown a willingness to use military strategies, such as a bunker buster bomb, to keep areas honest.  The Turks, however, while they may fear Trump more than they did Obama, and may think twice before moving into the area, have begun a slow move into the region.  Like a child, they may be testing the President’s resolve.  With limited intrusions they hope to see how much they can get away with.

The liberal left media is saying the move by Trump is endorsing a Turkish takeover of northeast Syria.  While I want nothing more than for our warriors to come home, it might be wise to park a few kick-butt ships and bombers in the area as we do so, you know, to keep the Turks at least partially honest.

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