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By Douglas V. Gibbs


While the House of Representatives is currently in Recess, one of the upcoming battles is a package for foreign aid that is supposed to include funds for Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel.  While constitutionally the legislative branch has the power to determine how the monies of the United States are spent, and the federal government was designed to handle foreign affairs, we must ask if the money being sent is for the benefit of the United States, and if in some cases we might very well be funding the coffers of potential enemies.

The war between Russia and Ukraine, thanks to the “Russia Russia Russia” pandemonium created by the Democrats in their pursuit to destroying Donald J. Trump, sent Americans scurrying to support Ukraine.  Blue and yellow flags have been flying, and the media has slobbered over their support for Ukraine.  If one is not fully on board with their “support Ukraine” campaign, the suggestion is that you are then a supporter of Russia, and Vladimir Putin.

While I mourn for the people of the two countries, I have not been quick to support either side.  Ukraine’s government has a history of corruption, and the Democrats have had their hand in that corruption for a very long time.  Putin, however, is a communist holdover from a past era that, while sometimes he seems to make decisions that seems to be in the best interest of Russia, one wonders if he is hoping to resurrect the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  The invasion of Ukraine makes one think that the military action may be exactly that…a move of hungry expansion, or a move to rebuild what was once the Soviet Union.

In recent news, Russia’s primary target has been the city of Kiev.  The City of Kiev is the capital, and largest city, of Ukraine.  In March of 2024, Russia began launching missile attacks at the Ukrainian city, claiming the war was to protect people from the genocide and humiliation perpetrated against the people by the oligarch regime of the Ukraine.

The war against Ukraine by Russia is in its third year, but now it seems Russia is finally in a position to gain enough ground to exercise control over territory that calls for the United States to step in more with needed military funding to defend Ukraine.  

A new military funding package for foreign countries is now in the process of moving through Congress, a set of three separate bills that would provide a combined $95 billion dollars for Ukraine, Israel, and resources in southeast Asia with the intent of protecting Taiwan should China launch an attack.  $60.84 billion of that money is earmarked for Ukraine.

Republicans have largely agreed to funding for Ukraine, arguing that it is far better to send money and resources than boots on the ground.

Biden, referring to the international aid bills, commented, “I will sign this bill into law immediately to send a message to the world: We stand with our friends, and we won’t let Iran or Russia succeed.”

In the House of Representatives a number of Republicans are not fully on board with sending so much funding overseas, especially when one considers the need for funding domestically, especially when it comes to border security.  Some members of the GOP have also voiced concern that some of the money may be going towards funding terrorism.  A vote on the bills is expected this weekend.

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