Public Speaking - Douglas V. Gibbs

Doug speaks at a variety of Events, Rallies, and Meetings on the U.S. Constitution for a reasonable fee based on the location of the event.  Standard fee is $50 plus 35 cents per mile (Travel and Lodging costs apply to events outside of Southern California).  Local events may require no compensation, or only require reimbursement of travel costs. He also hosts seminars and 8-day Event Classes on the Constitution.  To request Douglas V. Gibbs as a speaker, please Email him at douglasvgibbs (at) or at ConstitutionSpeaker (at)


Every Thursday Night in Temecula, California, he leads a Constitution Study group. 

Temecula Constitution Class

Every Tuesday Night in Corona, California he also leads a Constitution Study group.

Corona Constitution Class

He recently added a new study group every Monday Night in Lake Elsinore

The first Saturday Night of each month he also leads a patriot group, the Constitution Association.

Constitution Association Homepage 

With Andrew Breitbart in Searchlight, Nevada 

With Joe The Plumber in Searchlight, Nevada

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