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Douglas V. Gibbs
“Mr. Constitution”

DOUGLAS V. GIBBS is a renowned constitutionalist who serves as President of the Constitution Association, as a fellow of the American Freedom Alliance, has been an AM Radio host since 2011, and has been an instructor of the U.S. Constitution since 2008.

Douglas V. Gibbs, “Mr. Constitution”: Radio Host, Author, Public Speaker, and Instructor. President of the Constitution Association, fellow of the American Freedom Alliance, a Sentinel for the Heritage Foundation, and has appeared on television and radio outlets. Doug is an award winning blogger and free lance newspaper columnist whose articles appear in both print, and online. Doug is a family man, married to his high school sweetheart. He is the father of two and has seven grandchildren. Doug is a proud United States Navy veteran.


Doug is an author of a number of books, which can be viewed on his books page or at his store. All of his books are directly or indirectly linked to his educational efforts regarding the United States Constitution.

As a constitutionalist Doug’s passion is to restore the republic as the Constitution originally intended, and his advocacy efforts include lawsuits and working with various legislatures to bring about such a return to constitutional originalism.

Doug does blogs & is the creator of “Political Pistachio”. You can view all the blog writings here on the Blog Page.


Doug teaches Constitution Classes in Southern California that are, or have been, located in Beaumont, Carlsbad, Chino, Corona, Fallbrook, Huntington Beach, Murrieta, San Juan Capistrano, Temecula, and Winchester (coming soon to Redlands).

He has also taught audiences regarding the U.S. Constitution online through podcasts, videos, and online meetings with various groups throughout the United States as a public speaker.


Doug is both a Radio & Video talkshow host. You can hear his live FM Radio broadcast on both KMET Beaumont and KPRZ San Diego (in Southern California and digitally worldwide).

Digitally you can listen to these on multiple platforms:



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