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I was listening to the radio the other day when “My Generation” by The Who came on.  My mind reminded me that in the Monkees theme song from that era there are also words about their generation, and them having something to say.  When I was a young man, perhaps a decade or so after the hippies cried out that only love could save the world, I remember writing during one of my drug-induced moments (yes, get over it, I had that moment in my life, too, I have since grown up) all over everything I had in my wallet, “I have something to say and if I don’t say it now I may never be able to again.”  Meanwhile, the world was still in a panic because it was believed that an ice age, caused by pollution and human’s industrial madness, was on the horizon and I lived my life wondering if I would be able to grow old someday because of the oncoming ecological disaster that promised to cover the world in ice and snow, and put a stop to humanity’s reign on this planet.

Now, I am alive and well and well into my fifties.  The world is not necessarily colder, there are no advancing polar caps, and I am not snow skiing in Malibu.  I am alive and well, warm and comfy, the world is more technologically advanced than it was when I was younger, but otherwise, it’s not a whole lot different.  The youth, not having the maturity to realize they are pawns being guided by a massive propaganda machine, are doing the same thing we did when we were young.  They want change, they want to save the world, and they feel like nobody is listening to them.  The lyrics from the songs by The Who and The Monkees would fit in well with today’s youth.  Except, their fervor for saving the world based on beliefs fed by propaganda is louder than it was when the hippies and the yuppies did it.

Today’s youth may very well accomplish what youngsters in the past have not achieved; changing the world.  The problem is, the change they believe our humble little world needs is a fiery path to disaster and death, not utopia.

Among the progressive wish list tactics, Climate Change ranks among the most frustrating.  Real science has determined that man’s (hey, gender warriors, freak out of that usage of the word!!!) contribution of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, when compared to that of the ocean and volcanoes (among other natural sources) is minuscule.  The affect we have on the overall global scheme of things in the natural world has about the influence a common housefly has on a motorcycle rider when it bounces off of his helmet.  Real science has also shown that increases or decreases of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere do not cause temperature fluctuation.  In fact, it is the opposite.  Rises or drops in the temperature causes the increase or decrease of carbon dioxide.  In short, the fluctuation of carbon dioxide lags behind changes in climate temperature.  I’d give you links to support what I just said, but the leftists in charge of the search engines have all but eliminated those pages from the sight of the normies.  My other sources include books and conversations with people in the know.

But, you really don’t need all of that science stuff to prove my point.  All we need to do is look at history.

Wait, I have to chase a rabbit path for a moment.  In the word history, is that a bad gender specific word because of “his” in it?  The world seems to be all over stuff like that, even though, honestly, I really don’t give a poop.  Who cares.  We have “hims” and “hers” in this world, and a bunch of crazy people.  So, that would make three genders, right?  Him, Her, and crazy?

So, really, there should be three bathroom signs:

But, I digress.  Back to Climate Change … shoot the rabbit and get back on the main path.

History tells us that the world goes through cycles, where the globe warms and cools based on a number of natural factors, one of which is the sun, which, by the way, is the primary source of global warming.  Imagine that!  It’s the sun that warms the planet!

Sun spot activity pushes our planet into warming and cooling cycles, and it has been doing such since the birth of Earth.  Science has proven that we have seen these trends, and that what goes up must come down, and what goes down must come up.

Despite the lessons of real science, and the historical reality that on this planet the temperature has fluctuated quite a bit without any assistance from man made contrivances running on fuel (that we erroneously call “fossil fuels”), the youngsters, some oldsters who used to be hippies, and a whole lot of progressive leftists who wish to control your energy usage through authoritarian government mandates, are screaming that we are on the verge of all dying if we don’t ditch our cars, and other vehicles that use these fuels.  In fact, 51 world leaders recently flew in 51 planes to a climate conference to discuss this need to ditch these fuel-burning vehicles.

That didn’t make the news, however, but this little alarmist, Greta Thunberg, who pleaded with the world’s leaders not to take away her childhood (though, they already have with their false climate change hysteria), had the fake news networks cackling with delight:

The little girl with the tears and the pleas was very effective as I suppose her handlers were hoping.  And since then, the kids of the world have gone haywire, screaming that their lives have been taken from them.  It must be stressful living a life that is not supposed to reach maturity because the world is supposed to be under water in five years, uh, I mean ten years, uh, I mean twelve years.  Well, hell, they keep changing it.  Weren’t we supposed to be beyond hope already?  Gore had it at 2008, or 2013, or 2015, or something like that.

Anyway, as of today, thousands of climate-change protesters have taken to the streets in cities around the world launching two weeks of peaceful civil disobedience to demand immediate action to cut carbon emissions and avert an ecological disaster.

The more liberal the country, I am figuring, the more crazy the protests.

According to Reuters, “In London, police arrested 276 activists from the Extinction Rebellion group as they blocked bridges and roads in the city center, and glued themselves to cars, while protesters in Berlin halted traffic at the Victory Column roundabout.”

Did it say “glued” themselves to cars?  What the hell?

“Dutch police stepped in to arrest more than 100 climate activists blocking a street in front of the country’s national museum and there were similar protests in Austria, Australia, France, Spain and New Zealand.”

All over a hoax being perpetrated for Marxist authoritarian reasons by hard left progressives who are acting out the “defeat you from within” promise by a once feared Soviet Union.

“SORRY that we blocked the road, but this is an emergency,” declared placards held by activists in Amsterdam.

Emergency?  Do these kids really believe that a small percentage of one percent of carbon dioxide going into the air due to human activity is truly killing the planet?  This planet has survived much greater disasters than a few humans driving around in cars with combustible engines.

So much for Europe and Australia, and New Zealand.  How’s the protests going on in America?

Reuters continues: “In New York’s financial district, protesters spattered the Wall Street Bull and themselves with fake blood and lay prone around the sculpture to evoke their fears of a deadly environmental catastrophe.

“The protests are the latest stage in an global campaign for tougher and swifter steps against climate change coordinated by Extinction Rebellion, which rose to prominence in April when it snarled traffic in central London for 11 days.”

Extinction Rebellion.  Do they really believe that we are truly on our way to extinction because of a well placed progressive lie?

The Extinction Rebellion folks are calling for a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025 and a halt to a loss of biodiversity.

Do they understand what they are calling for?  That is a stop to all human activity.  We can’t even drop a turd without causing greenhouse gases to rise up into the atmosphere.  The only way to achieve net zero gas emissions would be extinction of all living things on this planet … and even then the natural cycles of the universe will still spew carbon into the air, and the Earth would still get warmer and cooler.

My word for the Climate Change warriors out there doing their thing?  Idiots.  Go home.  I’d tell them to go back to school, but that’s where a lot of them learned this poppycock.

How about instead of calling forth the false gods of Marxism and crying out for bondage you climate warriors drop the leftist garbage, and instead bang your drums and chant for liberty?  The liberal left has you calling for your own demise, your own loss of freedom.  Instead of Marxist-inspired banners and slogans falsely frightening everyone into believing the future is lost for our children (no wonder people are getting crazier, they think there’s no hope for them) let’s remind them that God created a very durable planet, and the real threat is not the car we are driving, but the politicians and other leftists convincing you to go bat crap crazy with this stuff.

There is no climate emergency.

Don’t get me wrong.  I believe we should be good stewards of the planet.  If there is gunk in the air or gunk in the water we should be mindful of it, and do our best to be fair to our environment.  But this climate change emergency hysteria is not the way to do that.  Your are lemmings following the fear-mongering of Marxists who are using their made-up climate change emergency to control you, and to ultimately gain political control over everyone, worldwide, beginning with your energy usage.

And after the protests are over, these environmentally conscious warriors will pick up their sleeping bags and leave the trash they created behind.  How’s that for environmentally conscious?  They do it every time.  They leave a mess, leaving their signs and their wrappers and their receipts for the crap they bought (which are produced by big corporations) on the ground, and then claim they’ve done something to save the planet.

And then in five years, or ten years, or twelve years, when the cities are still not underwater, and they realize the warming trend is over and we have truly entered a natural cooling cycle, the same crazies will claim we have only a few years to save ourselves from then next ice age.  And, a few hundred years from now, when the cycle changes again, and we start getting warm again, if we have the freedom to do so, new young people will grab their signs, claim the warming is an emergency, and we have but a few years to save ourselves, and the older crowd then, as now, will shake their heads, and say, “gosh, those younger kids are such mindless lemmings.”

Grow up, break the spell you are under, get a job, fight for the preservation of capitalism and liberty, and turn your back on the progressive leftist socialist crazies who keep whispering in your ear, if you really wish to save the world.

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