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Today’s Topics:

★Salvation through Resurrection

➨Easter in 2024

★Saxbe Fix

➨In Article I, Section 6 of the U.S. Constitution the tyrants of America use a work-around

to get what they want…

★Red Flag Law Unconstitutional

➨National Extreme Risk Protection Order Resource Center

★Operation Warp Speed

➨The Difference Between FDA-Approved and Emergency Use Authorization

★Making Up the Hush Money Scheme

➨Trump Hush Money Trial, April 15 to start, based on lying, scheming game

★Killing Babies

➨How Democrats Lie to America, and themselves, in order to sacrifice innocent babies to their dark,

evil god of death

★Targeting Christians

➨Christ is King labeled Anti-Semiotic

★Loan Forgiveness Scheme Unconstitutional

➨Biden sued over loan forgiveness

Mr. Constitution Hour airs every Saturday Night at 9pm.

K-Praise (www.kprz.com)

Mr. Constitution Hour on KPRZ is a radio broadcast that looks at The United States Constitution through the lens of Christianity. The program is hosted by Mr. Constitution Douglas V. Gibbs.

This Week: Mr. Constitution Hour by Douglas V. Gibbs: Technology, Communist China and White Supremacy — A paranoid former CIA and Navy SEAL friend of mine will only meet with me if I leave my phone at home and drive my old nineties car. He knows first hand what technology can do, even when the devices are off, and the batteries are removed. Who is listening? Who makes the computer parts? Who makes the chips? Communist China is listening, and through Tik Tok is sending information designed to stir the cultural revolution in America. The aim? Kill God, and create class warfare across the board…to convince you that there is no God, society is flawed, natural rights are an illusion, the Constitution misses the mark, and all white people are racist. So far, the communists have done a good job waging their cultural warfare.


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