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By Douglas V. Gibbs

When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 the writing on the wall for The West was that communism in Europe, and ultimately the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, was on the fast track to collapse.  Confirmation came when the Soviet Union fell in 1991.  While Communist China remained on the scene, for the most part the shadow of global communism had suffered a mortal wound.  Communism’s demise was no longer a far-fetched idea.  It was quickly taking a path towards reality.  Surely, China was destined to weaken and fall someday as well.

China grew stronger, unfortunately, but that seemed to be manageable as long as we didn’t do anything stupid like allow their tendrils to reach into the heart of America and throughout the world.  Then, it turned out that China was not on the way out as we’d hoped, and the communist country in Southeast Asia was reaching deeply into internal workings of the The West with more tentacles than an octopus.  While communism had died in Europe, it found a way to maintain a strong footprint in China, and behind the veil of “progressivism” in the West.

We concentrated on defeating the enemy out there somewhere, but while we were looking outward, inwardly communism infiltrated America’s institutions, and slimed its way into Europe’s so-called “soft socialism.”  Communists put themselves into positions of power, and as technology provided them gift after gift, the communists grabbed a hold of The West, controlling and regulating the actions of the people without ever firing a single shot.

Now, the communists operate openly in today’s America, no longer shy about being careful regarding how much communism they should inject into our system, as was the policy of the Fabians a little over a century ago.

Communism, in order to expand within a system, requires that the people come to embrace the new ideology.  Communists in history have found that the way to make sure their ideology is embraced by the host society first requires chaos and confusion within the culture.  If standards exist, then a people are not as willing to abandon their standards for a new foreign set.  So, the communists work on breaking down standards.  All standards.  Morality.  Belief in traditional families.  Any desire to own possessions.  Basic facts that most people would recognize as in line with science, if not convinced by the invading agitators that facts are no longer facts, and standards are no longer standards.  They adjust the language, they adjust biology, and ultimately they create disorder – – until the host suffers from so much chaos that the people begin to cry out for order.  Then, the very same people who created the disorder promises order.  As with Augustus Caesar, if you are just willing to hand over all of the power, the ruler promises a return to peace and safety.

The purveyors of communism, many of them not even realizing that they are mere tools in the game of fundamentally changing the foundation of America (and The West), has shifted the language to make you accept their political program.  They use old terms for their cause (like “fossil fuels”) and invent new words and phrases filled with feeling and emotion and a promise of equity.  “Virtue Signal,” “Safe Spaces,” “Love is Love,” “Intersectional Feminism,” “Newcomers,” “Censor,” “Shadow Banning,” “Politically Correct,” “Hate Speech,” “Hate Crime,” “Cisgender,” “Cultural Appropriation,” “White Supremacy,” “Predominantly White Institutions,” “White Privilege,” “Profiling,” “Radicalization,” “Imperialism,” “Neocolonialism,” “Doxing,” “Gender Fluid,” “LGBTQ+,” “Toxic Masculinity,” “Patriarchy,” “Micro Aggression,” “Non-Binary,” “Transgender,” “Gender Pronoun,” “People of Color,” “Ableism,” “Red Flag,” “American Descendants of Slavery,” “Antifa,” “Black Lives Matter,” “Reparations,” “Climate Change,” “Carbon Footprint,” “Net-Zero,” “Green New Deal,” “Community Organizer,” “Restorative Justice,” “Social Justice,” “Predatory Lending,” “Collective,” “Group Think,” “Democratic Socialism,” “Homophobic,” “Islamophobic,” “Transphobic,” “Xenophobic,” “Trigger Warning,” “Christian Nationalism,” “White Nationalism,” “Disenfranchise,” “Ballot Harvesting,” “Identity Politics,” “Heteronormativity,” “Right Wing,” and “MAGA” are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.  Each of them designed to either create a feeling of unity with fellow conformists, or anger against an unwilling and hateful opposition.  It is a long list of terms created to convince you to turn your back on tradition and accept their new normal of cultural warfare, and ultimately communism; or be rejected by the new normal.

The new terms and phrases conceal the horrors unleashed on your mind, your culture, and your family.  You are expected to accept and embrace the new politically and culturally correct way of talking and going about your day.  You are expected to change your behavior, your beliefs and your habits.  You will change with the change or else you will be cancelled by social pressure.  The new burgeoning laws are designed to force you to do as you are being encouraged, change your behavior, and pull you into the new fold.

Human Nature demands that we go along to get along.  That’s what we tend to do as human beings.  You know, because you don’t want to offend anyone.  You don’t want people to think you are a rude person.  And that is how communism gets you.  Who needs government to enforce the ridiculousness when strangers, friends, and family can do it?  COVID was the proving ground.  Businesses, Family members, and even strangers made sure that everyone was shamed into wearing a mask.

Sometimes, whether we mean to or not, humans make great lemmings.

Under cultural communist warfare we have adjusted how we speak, and how we think, because we don’t want to use words or think thoughts they don’t want us to use or think.

Resistance is futile, they want you to think.  But, if you are anything like me, you know enough truth that you don’t fall for the lies.  You break through the line like a high-speed running back.  But, once is not good enough.  That line must be broken constantly.  And small gains may be nice, but they don’t win the war.  I don’t care if I offend other people if their reason for being offended is not based on any morality or reality.  Their feelings are not my responsibility.  Yes, yes, we don’t want to be jerks.  Golden Rule, and all that jazz.  But, I am not going to tippy-toe around madness.  There is a fine line, but if you know where it is, battling the totalitarians is possible.  We must not let them prey on our emotions, or decency.  The totalitarians on the left, the communists, don’t play by any rules, and they could care less if you live or die.  This isn’t just some ideological disagreement.  This is a war for the soul of the United States.  We have to be tough as nails, and stand firm on our principles.  Anything less loses America forever.

Remember, the communists tell lies, they never expose their true motivation, and in order to succeed they need an apathetic population.  They are not in the majority, but they have never been in the majority.  The Bolsheviks were the minority.  The first Chinese communists were in the minority.  The progressives are in the minority.  Their numbers have never been the majority because they are peddling evil.  But, if the population never opens their eyes, and instead wallows in apathy, the communists win not because of numbers, but because of sheer will.  They have no morals.  They have no truth.  They have no redemptive qualities or values.  But, they are determined and ruthless enough to defy all norms, and all truths, to make sure they achieve what they have set out to achieve.

They don’t care if they are liars, but you better not be.  They don’t care if they are hypocrites, but you better not be.  They don’t care if they’re offensive, but you better not be.  They don’t care if they are hurtful, but you better not be.  You are the one with principles, not the communists, so they have no principles that can be broken.  They will accuse you of their misdeeds.  They will accuse you of not playing by the rules they are not willing to follow.  They will accuse you of violating values that they never had.  Fighting back on their terms never works because terms mean nothing to them…only the destruction of America’s Foundation, and the establishment of communism in America.  To them, that is all that matters.

They don’t wish to live in peace, they simply wish to defeat anyone and everyone who stands against them, or force those people to comply with their communist ideology.  Be obedient, or be defeated.  They can’t be compromised with or bargained with, so why do we waste our time trying to negotiate with them?  I don’t want to work with them; I want to defeat them.

This is not a new game.  The communists came shortly after the Bolshevik Revolution happened in Russia.  They ramped up their efforts once the Soviet Union solidified its communist grip.  The revolution raced through the Halls of Congress, and by the 1950s the McCarthy gang saw it, and have been hammered by progressives for their efforts…and the McCarthyites were right, by the way.  The communists focused their efforts on racial division.  They focused on the urban poor.  They have whittled away at our institutions until they were able to break through and teem through our institutions like a raging virus.  Our workers are too happy, so a workers revolution wasn’t going to work.  Our poor live better than ninety percent of the world, so a class warfare between the serfs and the wealthy was not going to work.  Private property and a culture that believes in Natural Rights is anchored in America by our Christian Faith, so direct hits against property and rights were not going to work, either.  Then, the target they needed came into plain view…

The black community; a people who were enslaved during the early years of this country.

Communists also need emergencies, but in America life is so good there were no emergencies.

They needed to be created.

Racism and Climate Change emerged.  Black Lives Matter emerged to save the country from its sin of institutionalized racism.  The communists in the classrooms and media went to work to ensure everyone understood how bad the racism was in America, even though it wasn’t.  Illusions, but real to those who listened to the communists, and believed them.

Christians still stood in the way.  Christians make up the majority, and don’t need government to do for them; they have God.  So, the destruction of Christianity became the next scheme.  If God could be eliminated, then questions would arise.  Doubts would infect the public.  Homosexuality began that particular scheme.  But, the envelope must always be pushed.  Confusion about sex and lifestyle led to confusion about one’s identity.  Male?  Female?  If confusion could fester among “genders,” then doubts about God’s wisdom, and even existence, would rise up.  If God screwed up on your sexuality and gender, then is He perfect?  And if God is imperfect, does He even exist at all?

Without God, there can be no Christianity, and without Christians, the opposition to communism dwindles to almost nothing.

The goal of communism reaches way beyond “control.”  The aim is not to control unwilling participants, but to lead willing and obedient lemmings who are willing to die for their new-found communist religion.  Take their freedom, take their guns, and take their souls and what you have remaining are obedient communists willing to turn in their own mother for being phobic about the new revolution.

Our children chant their mantra.  Put down your Cross, Jesus will not save you.  Put down your Bible, God will not save you.  Put down your guns and your liberty, for you are violent and not trustworthy as long as you bitterly cling to those things.  Everyone around you stands in the new camp.  Now, it is your turn to put down the flag of America, and reject the MAGA message.  The communist message is everywhere.  Media, movies, songs, schoolboards, city councils, and the Halls of Congress.  Put down your resistance, put America out of your mind, and abandon your selfish phobic thoughts.  America’s future is communism.  The children say so because their teachers and their music and their internet heroes told them so.

I have always argued that combatting this madness begins locally.  We need to pull together our neighborhoods, and save our towns.  Put the right people on our school boards, city councils, water boards, library boards, and other local offices.  We need to dominate our central committees and hire the right sheriffs.  Then, after we save our towns and our counties, we can work on getting our States in order, and then from there, if we do it right, the communists will be on the run, and our children will begin to ask questions.

They have a weakness.  Their underbelly.  It is soft, and unguarded, and right below that soft underbelly is where we reside.  Grassroots.  Neighborhoods.  One by one, piece by piece.  Then, as we gain our neighborhoods and our counties and our states, we can shove a proverbial sword up into that underbelly, draining their body of its innards.  Then, on the larger scale, we can face off with the worst of them.

Take back common sense, take back our communities, and then we will be ready to take back America.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not saying that we need to completely ignore the larger scene in the beginning.  Congress can be regained, and jabs on the federal scene is needed.  Donald J. Trump may be our next President, again, if he can beat the cheat with overwhelming numbers.  If that happens, we have a pretty good jabbing tool that might bring down the larger monsters on the battlefield.  But, let’s make sure we are also hammering away locally.  Let’s stop the porn in our schools, the drag shows at the public libraries, and the attempts to shut down our churches with hate speech legislation, and social pressure from hard-left progressive commie groups.  What they are doing is gross and perverted, and it is designed to create chaos, infighting, and moral confusion.  They see opportunities to create chaos, so we must see opportunities to head off their schemes; no matter how small, or local, the attack may seem.

Step by step.  Bit by bit.  Bite by bite.  In the end, if we do the work, we can take back America.

The path to reclaiming the country begins locally, and through our children.

How did the American Colonists overcome British tyranny?  They finally said, “No, this is far enough.”  They stood firm, and they placed the value of their liberty, their communities, and their sacred honor above even their lives.  They were willing to stand firm and do whatever was needed, because they understood how deadly the tyranny they faced truly was.

Remember, it took the communists a long time to get where we’re going.  It wasn’t done in an instant.  So, our resistance will not turn it around in an instant.  But, it must be done.

Patience, and hard work.  Pray, but put legs on those prayers.  Hope, but put action behind that hope.  The communists are after us, and our children.  Say “no,” and then stand behind that stance.  How important is freedom?  How important is liberty?  How important are our children?  Are we as determined to save those things as the communists are to take them from us?

First step: We must value our liberty and American traditions more than the communists value taking them from us.  Otherwise…the end of liberty is inevitable.

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