Doug is an AM Radio host, and Fox News guest multiple times (twice Fox and Friends, twice Hannity, once Greta). He has also been a guest on One America News, and Al Jazeera America. Doug is an award winning blogger, a community advocate in the Inland Empire, a frequent guest on radio and television, a fellow of the American Freedom Alliance, and a public speaker on various political and constitutional issues.  Learn more on his Bio Page.
Political Pistachio, Doug's political blog since 2006, is on its way to three million visits averaging over a couple thousand hits daily.  In 2008, Political Pistachio received the Golden Anchor Award for Doug's blistering patriotic commentary, and in 2014 Doug received a Certificate of Appreciation from the California State Senate for his local efforts regarding educating the public about the principles and philosophies of the United States Constitution.  Doug writes on Political Pistachio daily, providing up to date news and commentary for conservative readers seeking information on the issues through the lens of the United States Constitution.  Visit Doug's blog at the PoliticalPistachio.com.

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Douglas V. Gibbs is America's Authority on the United States Constitution, and he speaks at a wide range of events to spread his message.  In addition to radio and television, Doug has delivered presentations regarding the Constitution nationwide, with a recent speech delivered in Anaheim, California for the California Federation of Republican Women's luncheon/meeting in front of nearly 200 members.  Doug's speeches range from Constitution 101, to specific topics, including but not limited to, The Federal Reserve, State Sovereignty, Abortion, Legislative Powers, The Presidency, An Activist Court System, Understanding the Language of the Constitution, and A Well Regulated Militia.  Doug has participated in both indoor and outdoor events, from Tea Parties to Republican Clubs to Fairs, Forums, Conferences and Luncheons.  Doug also offers seminars ranging from 6 hours to 16 hour events.  Learn more about the Seminars and Classes at his Constitution Education page.  You can also visit Doug's "Public Speaking" page right here on this website, BOOK NOW!
The Schedule for Douglas V. Gibbs includes radio programs, Constitution Classes, the Constitution Association patriot group, and various speaking engagements.  The schedule of upcoming events is constantly changing, so visit the Upcoming Events Page often to keep up with what's coming up.  Some events are constant.  He hosts Constitution Radio on KMET every Saturday at 1:00 pm Pacific, Conservative Voice Radio on KMET every Saturday at 8:00 am, and Constitution Study Radio on Sundays from time to time.  Doug's Constitution Classes in Temecula, Norco, and Corona also have set schedules, on Thursday Nights at 6:30 pm in Temecula, Tuesday Nights at 6:00 pm in Corona, and the second Monday Night of each month at 6:00 pm in Lake Elsinore.  See the Constitution Classes page for location.


Douglas V. Gibbs is an accomplished author, with four books.  His latest is Concepts of the United States Constitution.  The other titles by Douglas V. Gibbs includes 25 Myths of the United States Constitution, The Basic Constitution: An Examination of the Principles and Philosophies of the United States Constitution, and Silenced Screams: Abortion in a Virtuous Society.  In addition to his own books, Doug also recommends a number of titles.  Learn more about the books Doug recommends on his Recommended Reading page.  Learn more about Doug's own books on his Books Page.
Douglas V. Gibbs currently teaches three Constitution Classes, in Temecula, Corona, and Norco California. A Lake Elsinore Class recently ended, and he is in Banning once per month to teach Constitutional principles.  He also hosts 16 hour classes throughout Southern California (8 two-hour sessions) with a minimum 25 student requirement.  The class in Temecula is held at Faith Armory off of Winchester Road, and the one in Corona is in the upstairs classroom at AllStar Collision just off the Main Street exit along the 91 Freeway. The Class in Norco is held at the Sons of Liberty Alehouse the second Monday Night of each month.  The classes are based on handouts he gives during each session, which can also be purchased in a book Doug has available called The Basic Constitution: An Examination of the Principles and Philosophies of the United States Constitution.  Learn more about Doug's Classes HERE.
After three and a half years on KCAA AM1050, the team moved to KMET AM1490 in May of 2015. On the air, the team surrounding Doug has always been an exceptional cast of characters.  JASmius was a stalwart co-host and guest host for the Constitution Radio program since the show's launch in August of 2011, departing in May of 2016. Alex Ferguson joined Doug at the KCAA studios in 2013, present at each and every episode, as well as participating in many of Doug's other endeavors, driving in from Los Angeles County to do so.  Alex's dedication to the cause of restoring the republic is unmatched by few.  Other writers and behind the scenes folks are emerging with each passing day.  Learn about the Team on the TEAM Page.


Douglas V. Gibbs is the Director of Civics and Constitution Studies for the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) where in California Doug coordinates programs that seek to spread constitutional literacy in our inner-cities.  He is also the President of the Constitution Association, which also seeks to spread constitution literacy, targeting those who seek to further that education with advanced classes about the American System, and how to be an advocate in one's community.  The Constitution Association also is working towards the restoration of the republic by using tools such as the convention strategy called "Republic Review."  Doug is a fellow of the American Freedom Alliance, through which he has been working to advance western civilization through educational efforts with the organization through various instructional methods and tactics.  Doug is also an active member of the California Republican Assembly (Murrieta-Temecula Republican Assembly Board Member), Unite I.E. patriot coalition, the American Authors Association, he is the secretary of the executive board for Birth Choice Temecula pregnancy center, and a member of the Military Writers Society of America.
The Constitution Association believes in strength in numbers.  We have filled the city council chambers in Menifee and Murrieta over property rights issues, and a school board meeting in Temecula to support a 6 year old girl who was silenced in class for daring to recite John 3:16 during a presentation regarding her family traditions regarding the "Winter Holiday."  We also routinely visit out local, State and Federal officials as a group, and we participate in various rallies and events throughout our area.

The Constitution Association's mission includes impacting elections both locally and nationally through a system of chapters around the country, by creating a powerful presence on the internet, and by promoting Republic Review (a grassroots effort to hold a convention of State legislatures to audit the federal government, which can be a catalyst for nullification, Article V. Convention, and a return to State dominance over the constitutionally subservient federal government.  As division spreads among Americans, we believe we should work together using what we have in common. . . a firm reliance on Divine Providence, and the understanding that the United States Constitution was the blueprint that created the greatest republic in history.

The Constitution Association is a research and education oriented organization.  Incorporated July 23, 2015 the Constitution Association is not for profit. . . Non-Profit Status is pending.

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