By Douglas V. Gibbs

… You have voted in support of:
● Abortion: Legalized murder of children in the womb and the industry that participates with the selling of body parts.
● Abortion: Forcing Insurance Companies to cover Abortions. S.B. 245 in California, if passed, would require insurance companies to pay for all abortion costs, and would exclude abortion from any co-pay plans.
● Black Lives Matter: A communist front organization eagerly participating in the overthrow of the U.S. Constitution.  According to Captain Joseph R. John the Goal of Three Marxists Founders of Black Lives Matter is to Overthrow the US Government.
● Child Abuse: Aside from brainwashing children and penalizing them if they don’t admit to their white privilege, they are also committing child abuse with their policies regarding transgenderism and children.  In schools our children are being programmed to also give up their liberty.
Communism: Today’s Democrat Party has finally removed the veil to reveal who they really are, and they are following the communist plan for American Subversion to a tee.
● Communist Revolution: The actions by the Democrat Party mirrors the four step plan provided by a former KGB agent in the cause of changing America into a communist country.
Congressional Tyranny: Marjorie Taylor Greene, who debuted in Congress as someone critical of face coverings and the Biden Presidency, has been banned from Twitter and the House is working to expel her for daring to disagree with the majority party in such a boisterous way.
● Death on Demand: In California, A.B. 705, if made into law, would require California’s religious medical institutions to perform abortions or assisted suicides if the medical staff was so inclined.
● Department of Justice that is lawless:  The United States Constitution is based on the rule of law, which is virtuous law; The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God, as the Declaration of Independence put it.  How do you circumvent laws, the rule of law, and morality in a society?  You turn the Department of Justice into the Department of Injustice with the Appointment of Merrick Garland (the same individual Barack Obama attempted to appoint to the U.S. Supreme Court).  Garland is specifically anti-Second Amendment, and pro-Open Borders.
● Depopulation: A party that supports killing billions to depopulate the planet.

● Discrimination Against Christians: California is actively trying to use legislation to ban Christians from an position in law enforcement.

● Due Process, the Elimination of for College Students: Biden’s “White House Gender Policy Council” is “beginning his promised effort to dismantle Trump-era rules on sexual misconduct that afforded greater protections to students accused of assault.” The subhead informs us that, “The Biden administration will examine regulations by Betsy DeVos that gave the force of law to rules that granted more due process rights to students accused of sexual assault.”
● Economic Failure: The COVID-19 issue from a political angle succeeded for the leftists in nearly shutting down the entire economy.  As States work to try to reopen, Biden is openly criticizing them for essentially trying to save their economies.
● Elections: Electoral College, elimination of – According to TruNews, H.R. 1 is an initial step in the Democrat Party’s plan to eliminate the Electoral College legislatively.
● Elections: Freedom of Speech – The Institute for Free Speech has done extensive analysis of the bill and its team of experienced election lawyers, constitutional lawyers and free speech advocates have produced some of the best critiques of the bill we’ve seen.  The Institute for Free Speech recently sent a letter outlining their objections to H.R. 1 to the leadership of the House Administration Committee, one of the House committees that may hold hearings on the bill.
● Elections, Outlawing Voter ID Laws: A party that is actively doing what they can to not allow voter ID laws in the States, which is not only unconstitutional, but a position that allows an easier application of fraud into the elections.  While efforts are underway to try to investigate the fraud that existed in the 2020 Election, the Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to not only stop such efforts, but legalize the cheating that went on by federalizing elections.
● Employment, Laws that disallow being an independent contractor: The Pro Act, a proposal in Congress that mirrors the disastrous California Law A.B.5, claiming to help independent contractors by forcing employers to hire them (of which often cannot happen no matter how much you wish it) essentially takes away the choice of persons to be independent contractors, which includes choices that employees do not have the opportunity to enjoy.  If this bill becomes law, the potential is a loss of 57 million jobs.
● False Flags: More and more evidence is emerging showing that the violence at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 was instigated by infiltrators pretending to be Trump supporters.  One piece of footage has one of them admitting he was with antifa.
● Freedom of Speech policing: We have known since 2015 that the Democrats wish to silence anyone who voices an opinion that supports Donald J. Trump, a conservative message, or anything related to the Republican Party.  With the advent of the stolen 2020 Election, the silencing of speech has gone even further. Recently underground journalists from Project Veritas leaked shocking footage from an alleged Salesforce meeting. The video purported to show a meeting of high ranking employees vow that their services will ban messaging from former President Donald Trump and rhetoric questioning the 2020 election.
● Gun Confiscation: While H.R. 127 does not necessarily reach as far as confiscation, the wheels are in motion if this nefarious bill passes the U.S. Senate.  It basically would create a gun registry, force an $800 per year tax on gun owners with a federal insurance policy, and would turn the United States gun law regiment into something that echoes across the board the anti-gun madness in California.  That said, it violates the 2nd Amendment.  Every single federal gun law is unconstitutional.  “Shall not be infringed” doesn’t have an asterisk next to it in the 2nd Amendment proclaiming, “unless….”
● Gun Control: Even if it means doing it illegally through executive orders.  Currently they are targeting what they consider to be “military style weapons,” even though they know nothing about guns and are making these accusations on false assumptions.  The Ninth Circuit Court has ruled that carrying a gun in public is not constitutional … in violation of our right to “keep” and “bear” arms.  In the 1828 Webster Dictionary “bear” is defined as being a firearm inside one’s coat.  Since folks would keep their homes warm in the winter, the need for a coat would be to go into public, hence, the Second Amendment’s “bear arms” language specifically means the right to carry in public.  See definition 3 in the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary.
● Human Rights Abuses: Even China thinks Black Lives Matter is guilty of human rights abuses.  And that is not counting the human rights abuses going on because of Biden’s immigration policies.
● Immigration Gag Order: President Joe Biden and his administration are making sure the American people do not know what is happening. They have ordered that US Border Patrol agents and leaders cannot share information with the media.  NBC News referred to the move as an “unofficial gag order” where agents were told to deny ride-along requests and ignore press inquiries. Any approval for press inquiries must come from Washington, in what is sure to control the information that is made available to Americans.  NBC News shared that requests for photos of overcrowded facilities have been denied. Requests for data about the number of people at the border have also been denied. Some of the requests have been denied under the excuse of COVID precautions, but this certainly seems more like a cover-up.
● Immigration: Illegal Alien Criminals not only being released into the United States, but them being released into conservative regions as a way to target those areas.  This includes conservative communities like Murrieta, California who stood against such activities in 2014.  If you dare question Biden’s immigration policies, you will receive backlash as Stephen Miller did.  Amnesty is moving through Congress at this moment, and would grant citizenship to illegal aliens in the country (which I believe is over 40 million people).
● Inequality: The Equality Act, which adds homosexuality and Transgenderism to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, actually does the opposite of what they are claiming.  By giving preferential treatment to groups, it does not seek equality as much as a destruction of anyone’s rights who is not a member of any protected group.
● Kangaroo Courts: Aside from the obvious kangaroo court style proceedings during the Trump impeachment hearings, the Biden administration is targeting college students, stripping some of them of their due process rights.

● Mandatory Vaccinations: President Biden Authorizes 4,000 Active Duty Troops to Mobilize Across United States to Push Vaccination Effort…vaccinations we are finding out may be deadly.

● Mass Shootings: While Democrats claim they wish to stop mass shootings, their gun control policies will not resolve the problem because the policies seek to take guns away from law abiding citizens, leaving them defenseless against mass shooters, thus, encouraging mass shootings.  They have also lied about who commits these shootings, saying that it’s mostly white people (an effort to bolster their “the country is full of dangerous white supremacists” false narrative).
● Minimum Wage Increase: Though a federal raise of the minimum wage is both unconstitutional and would be devastating to the American economy, the Democrats, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have vowed that they will even break their own rules to make sure he leftist policy sees daylight.
● Nazi-style identification and segregation for dissenters:

● Racial Discrimination: Democrats’ anti-white agenda includes hammering on “getting ahead” because using liberty to do well is white supremacist thinking; of which they also argue the Asians are guilty of.
● Restrictions on Travel: As gas prices shoot upward thanks to the bad policies of the Democrats in power at this moment, a mileage tax is apparently on the horizon.  This would increase the cost of travel, making it cost-prohibitive for most Americans who are already struggling to survive in this scamdemic economy as it is.  If you read their sustainable development goals, it fits right in.  They don’t want you traveling, just like the communists in Russia didn’t, and just like the communists in China push.  That said, a mileage tax is not only unconstitutional (there are no constitutional authorities regarding any federal involvement in internal travel or infrastructure), but ideas like this was once shot down by the Father of the Constitution James Madison with his veto of the Bonus Bill in 1817.
● Revisionist History: Democrats believe if they can destroy our history, or rewrite it with ridiculous things like the 1619 Project, it will make people wish to abandon liberty because of its alleged sinful founding.

● Slave Labor in Africa: To make sure the dream of the liberal left Democrats of no gas-powered cars comes to fruition, the rise of the electric car must be a paramount policy.  The Democrats are doing all they can to promise you a new future with electric cars.  In order for that to happen, cobalt is used as a necessary ingredient in the lithium batteries being used for electric cars and smartphones.  Aside from being very destructive to the environment, cobalt mining operations in Africa enslave children as young as seven.

● Spending Federal Funds Recklessly and without Limitations.

● Suicide: California’s S.B. 380, if passed, would require physicians to endorse and refer for lethal action. Would reduce waiting time for assisted suicide.
● Thought Police: The Cancel Culture has society canceling people for what they believe, businesses firing people for what they believe, and what’s next is government arresting people for daring to have an opinion contrary to the political party in power.
● Trump Derangement Syndrome: We are finding out that the witchhunt against President Trump was worse than we thought.
● War: Among the first actions by President Biden upon taking office was to commit an airstrike against Syria, after Trump spent four years working to pull America out of wars that would be considered foreign entanglements.
● Weaken the Military: through “woke” policies.
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