By Capt Joseph R. John, March 26, 2021, Op Ed # 549


While Communist China, Marxist Soviet Russia, Communist North Korea, and Iran the World’s Largest State Sponsor of Islamic Terrorism are preparing for “Total War” with the US, the Biden Administration is destroying the “Combat Effectiveness” and “Unit Cohesion” of the US Armed Forces by having Obama Screened Politically Correct Flag and General Officers go on a witch hunt, to root out white conservative males from the US Military.  Those white conservative males are alleged to be “White Supremacists”, “Systemic Racists” and “Extremists” (slide in a US Army Training Manual classifies Catholics and Evangelical Christians as “Extremist”), and Biden/Harris/Obama’s woke DOD states “Extremists” must be removed from within the ranks of the US military. 


The Obama Screened Flag and General Officers are in the process of brain washing the entire US Armed Forces, including the Cadets and Midshipmen at all 5 Service Academies with the Marxist Black Lives Matter radical racist indoctrination of “Critical Race Theory”.  It teaches all military personnel that America is inherently a racist nation, that all whites suppress blacks, and so many more outright racist lies.  The follow-on article, after this Op Ed, reveals that the Pentagon is indoctrinating military service members in a program “packed with progressive ideology and misstatements about the US Constitution,” and the Biden Administration’s has a radical transformative agenda for the US Armed Forces.  That was stated according to a former Department of Justice Attorney, J. Christian Adams, Esq, in which he reveals how radically racist and destructive for the US Armed Forces the Biden, Harris, and Obama transformative agenda is, and how it will degrade the effectiveness of the US military.


The plan is to replace white conservative males, with recruits who pass the new degraded Military Aptitude Tests.  The previous Military Aptitude Test was highly effective and had been used for many years.  It determined if an individual had the military aptitude to become a member of the US Armed Forces, especially if he was motivated to assimilate into a disciplined military organization, and was capable of operating today’s extraordinarily complex computer systems in a combat environment. The Biden administration, with the support of Obama Screened Politically Correct Flag and General Officers will also be forcing tip of the spear combat units to accept females requiring extreme fitness qualifications to be substantially reduced for them to qualify (SEALs, DELTA Force, US Marine Corps Infantry, Rangers, and Special Operations Forces).  It will degrade the “Combat Effectiveness” of those tip of the spear units and the US military in general.


They are also aggressively recruiting transgender recruits and changing the Trump Administration policy that prevented sex reassignment surgeries, now sex reassignment surgeries are permitted.  Military hospitals were already overtaxed with many serious combat related surgeries; those surgeries often had to be delayed because of the lack of capacity; the military could not deal with normal military related surgeries and also perform sex reassignment surgeries.  The number of therapists who deal with the heavy combat related PTSD and the military family therapies, makes therapy for sex reassignment surgeries unsustainable; the military just does not have enough therapists to support the US military and sex reassignment surgeries. 

Sex reassignment surgery require multiple genitals, breasts, and facial surgeries that would take nearly three years of continual military hospitalization, at a cost of more than $100,000 per transgender surgery, and a transgender patient would be off duty for over 3 years, then their enlistments would shortly be over.  In the past, the medical costs for 994 military personnel diagnosed with gender dysphoria increased by 300% to over $10 million and required 30,000 mental health visits—a totally unacceptable and unsustainable cost for only 994 personnel in a military force of 2 million personnel.

At the same time the Biden Administration is having Combatant Commands focus on housing hundreds of thousands of Illegal Alien teenage migrants from 57 countries on military bases, who have not been screened by the FBI to determine if they have terrorist ties, and they have not been screened by Health Agencies to determine if they have COVID -19.  In the past Illegal Aliens have infected US Border Patrol Agents with many communicable diseases because they had not been quarantined or inoculated for many of the infectious diseases, previously eliminated in the US by the US Public Health Service. 


Illegal Aliens have been interdicted and detained with influenza, measles, mumps, typhus, chicken pox, tuberculous, Scalia, rubella, smallpox, Leprosy, chicken pox, syphilis, and even malaria.  The Military the bases they will be housed at will be at risk for the breakouts of those communicable diseases and the spreading of COVID-19.  Communist China could not be happier with such a stupid decision by Biden, Harris, and Obama to house those Illegal Aliens on US military bases.


“Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton (an endorsed and elected Combat Veteran For Congress) is proposing a bill called Combatting Racist Training in the Military Act. He begins by citing that in America all men are created equal. He goes on to talk about equal dignity and protection for all people under the law. He calls for bans on teaching that some races are inherently inferior, and that America is an inherently racist nation.  If this was 1865 or even 1964 you might think this was written by and for black people. But Tom is white, and he is addressing training in the military that teaches whites and America are fundamentally flawed racists.


The training is based on Critical Race Theory (CRT) as are most government decisions today. Introduced in 1989, CRT is anti-American and anti-white. It is a conspiracy theory advancing that whites are obsessed with maintaining a superior position in society to ensure the inferiority of non-whites. It has strong ties to Marxism. As a conspiracy theory, it makes QAnon look like a featherweight.” (Henry P Mcintosh, IV March 25, 2021)


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Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62

Capt    USN(Ret)/Former FBI

Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC

2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-184

San Diego, CA 92108


Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!” -Isaiah 6:8



Newly Uncovered Documents Show Pentagon’s Plan Targeting Conservatives in The US Armed Forces

Show ‘armed forces are to be integrated into the Biden racialist agenda’

By Bob Unruh
Published March 23, 2021

Warning of a sudden new threat of “extremism” from the right, the Pentagon is indoctrinating military service members in a program “packed with progressive ideology and misstatements about the Constitution,” according to former Department of Justice lawyer J. Christian Adams.

In a column published by PJ Media, he said the Navy, for example, in a talk titled “Extremism Stand Down,” presents “misstatements of the law and warped characterizations of fellow citizens who believe in constitutional principles” as fact.

Adams said he obtained copies of all the materials.

“Throughout the services, service members have been shocked at the Biden blitz to root out ideas and people who stand in the way of the administration’s transformative agenda,” he wrote.

Adams said one individual in the training told him, “The military is one of the last institutions left that hasn’t been radicalized by the progressives. That’s why it is being targeted now.”

Adams said his review of the materials “makes it clear the armed forces are to be integrated into the Biden administration’s racialist agenda.”

The Navy contends, he said, that if “extremist behavior” is not eliminated from the ranks,  “then racism, injustice, indignity and disrespect will grow and keep us from reaching our potential.”

But the materials “do not cite a single instance of racism, injustice, indignity, or disrespect.”

He explained the “scripted training” tells officers what to say to the ranks.

“The ‘Dos and Don’ts of Facilitation’ ensure that dissent will not be welcomed,” he noted. “‘Do be alert to statements about Prohibited Behavior (Extremism in the Ranks) which [sic] rely on inaccurate or misleading assumptions, misperception or myth. … Do Not allow only a few participants to domination the conversation.'”

Adams cited demands that no one be allowed to “stray off topics.”

“What might that myth or prohibited behavior be? The Pentagon provides helpful talking points for officers forced to do the training. ‘Anti-government extremists’ are the focus, as proven by ‘recent events,'” he said.

“In other words, Trump supporters. Political foes of the administration.”

Service members have a “duty to reject” such ideas, according to the documents.

“And if you don’t, ‘the full range of administrative and disciplinary actions’ await, including being discharged,” he said.


The material states: “Speech that incites violence or criminal activity that threatens to undermine our government and Constitution is not protected by the First Amendment.”

“Actually, it is,” Adams insisted. “Secretary of Defense Austin is flat wrong. Speech cannot incite criminal activity. The closest one can get to this idea is a criminal conspiracy. But even a conspiracy requires an act and speech standing alone cannot be criminal.”

He said the Pentagon’s characterization of the law is borrowed from “the criminal codes of dictatorships.”

“In fact, the First Amendment would allow a person to stand in the town square and over and over again give a speech undermining the government.”

Interestingly, he pointed out, neither Chinese communists nor Antifa rioters are mentioned, “despite ongoing acts of violence.”

Adams said the Pentagon is clear that it does not want people to exercise their rights.

“A whole section is devoted to banning behavior such as ‘liking any material that promotes discrimination based on … gender identity.’ In other words, if you believe in biological sex, you might be involuntarily separated or court-martialed. Never mind that Congress has never passed any such law,” he said.


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