By Douglas V. Gibbs
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We are in the middle of a communist takeover.  The playbook is exactly the same as the one used in the Soviet Union, Communist China, Eastern Europe, Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba, and Venezuela, with a few of the details adjusted to fit the American model.  The question is, can we stop the communist revolution that is in its final phase in America, or will we hoist the red flag of communism ourselves with willing hands and compliant minds?

The Black Book of Communism is thicker than your average larger dictionaries in print, and the massive book is full of examples of the crimes committed by communism that resulted in the deaths of 94 million people during the one hundred years that preceded the new millennium.  Among the top actors committing those crimes against humanity was Vladimir Lenin who, once in power, armed with his Marxist beliefs that the whole of human history is driven by class struggle, used hatred and fear to fuel his communist regime.  From his point of view, any act that fails to support one side in that struggle necessarily supports the other, and any deviation from his point of view was enough to require that person to be executed for daring to stand against the communist struggle.

The Marxist philosophy that class struggle is a constant, and communism must use that struggle to put itself into power, and to maintain that power, has visited the shores of America before.  But now, the enemy is not only at the gates, they are within our institutions, and they are orchestrating a communist revolution in the hopes of bringing down American Liberty forever.  It is creepy how fast the Marxist/Communist racism tactic of Critical Race Theory (a divide and conquer strategy through Marxist claims of class struggle) has seeped into our American System.  The truth is that the elements of a communist revolution are alive and well in our institutions, and it is thriving to the point that the younger generation has bought into the whole communist line of thinking and they are carrying out the communist agenda happily and willingly.

The poison of Marx’s class struggle agenda has even invaded our seminaries.  For example, in the article linked above, communistic social justice concepts have even invaded places like the Princeton Theological Seminary.  The seminary is requiring its students to attend “anti-racism” training sessions that are nothing less than Marxist class struggle indoctrination.  

Legal challenges designed to acknowledge the difference between education and indoctrination are on the move, but as we’ve seen in universities across the country, the standards and curriculums, along with the indoctrination sessions, are careening more and more to the left.  The attacks against conservative and moderate students and faculty have become vicious, but attacks are even being leveled against liberals for not being radical enough.  In place are constant mandatory instruction sessions in far-left views on race, gender, and sexuality, and the level of severity is on the rise. “Students and faculty are told what they must think and say while submitting to “trainings” that require them to confess to, or otherwise accept guilt for, the taint of whiteness, or to defer to nonwhite and LGBTQ students or both.”


“Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.” — Benjamin Franklin


Culture is looking the other way.  Media is dismissing the claims that critical race theory and anti-racism training are in place as being an over-exaggeration, and that the presence of such indoctrinational techniques are simply a benign way to encourage meaningful conversations.  The idea that it is coercive and radical in nature is a conspiracy theory.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.

“Students and faculty of all races and ethnicities have increasingly been objecting to diversity trainings that label people as oppressors or oppressed based on their group identity rather than focusing on the importance of treating every individual with equal worth and dignity… increasingly, these students and parents have been paying a steep price for challenging the official orthodoxy of the educational elite.”

Most students choose, however reluctantly, to go along with this sort of “training” rather than challenge it.

…being ordered to say something that one does not believe has been held by the Supreme Court to violate the First Amendment guarantee of free speech since a 1943 decision barred public schools from requiring children to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Private institutions such as Princeton Theological Seminary are not bound by the First Amendment. But courts have construed the assurances of freedom of thought and speech that most private universities (and seminaries) provide in their promotional literature and handbooks as contractually binding commitments to students who choose to attend. 

In the case of the indoctrination that Keiderling from the above linked article was forced to attend, students were separated into three Zoom meeting groups: a “white-only group,” which students were told “creates a space where we can really grapple with our Whiteness and how we’ve been socialized” without “harm[ing] our colleagues and co-students of color”; a group of “students who identify as Black, Indigenous, or a person of color”; and a racially integrated group for those uncomfortable with segregation.

A “Report From the Antiracism Task Force” sent to students and faculty by group’s chairperson, the Rev. Dr. Victor Aloyo Jr., said: “It is imperative to offer white and white-passing constituents opportunities to grow in their understanding of white privilege and white supremacy and their responsibility to dismantle it, both in their individual lives and within the Seminary. … Faculty, administration, students, and staff will be required to attend seminars on antiracism conducted by an external trainer. The seminars will include Implicit Bias assessment and training as a first step in creating an Equity Lens, which is essential to begin the difficult work of developing antiracism philosophy and practice.”

“Whiteness is a form of structural sin that white people are embedded into,” this report claims.  

…the seminary’s training session tried to tell students how to think about transsexualism, transgenderism, and gender ideology – including “preferred pronouns” that differ from a person’s birth sex. “Every time someone’s name appeared in the training, their pronouns were given,” he recalls. The fairly clear message was, he said: “Not only are we going to train you about how to be anti-racist, we are going to make it crystal clear, over and over again, that we think gender is something we can choose, and it is independent of who each person is physically and biologically.” Submitting to such training would, he felt, conflict with his religious beliefs.

And that is all biblical how?

We are being told that being white is “something to repent for.”  Is that not using racism in a claimed effort to reduce racism in America?

Again, it all falls in line with the Marxist tactic of class struggle, divide and conquer, and only government can solve the issue by making us all equal through equity in misery.  If you have nothing in the end, we are all the same.

As Christians are we supposed to be treating each other differently based on race?  Of course not.  “In Christ, there is neither Jew nor Greek, neither slave nor free.”  

Dividing America is not a solution for wrongs, but a tactic for destroying our God-given access to our natural rights, and dismantling the system of liberty we have prospered under for over two centuries.

Liberty must include freedom of thought, and freedom of speech; not the coercive tactics of a political agenda designed to shape our thoughts and mandate our speech.  

How do you win a spot at National Minority Supplier Development Council’s table? By convincing the organization’s officials that you deserve one of its coveted official Race Card™s to play for fun and profit. How does the NMSDC decide if you’re worthy of their coveted Race Card™? Simple: The group defines a minority as “an individual who is at least 25 percent Asian, Black, Hispanic or Native American.” To do that, one literally must submit a driver’s license, a passport, a birth certificate, or the birth certificate of one’s parent or child in order to prove one has the “right” racial group. And the NMSDC has a clear definition of who is right, and who is wrong.

The wording says it all.  If it is a conservative rally, or republican gathering, journalism automatically labels it a “white supremacist rally.”  And if it is described in that manner, and you are an indoctrinated social justice warrior with the Marxist class struggle narrative rattling around in your brain, are you going to be overly upset at the Army vet for plotting to bomb such a gathering?

If you are going to say there is a national anthem only for black people, isn’t that racist on its face?

The Marxist agenda is not being carried out by government stormtroopers, but by corporations willingly swinging the communist ax in a manner that forces everyone to comply.  After all, how can you operate your life without the services they offer?
In a system plagued with cultural Marxism and the concept of Critical Theory running rampant through the narrative every class becomes a protected class except the one that has been targeted as being the oppressor.  In the case of modern day America, the group with the big red bullseye on their back is the white, Christian, heterosexual, conservative, masculine male (and the women, or anyone else, who agrees with their “white privileged” conservative political point of view).  You know, the kind of guy who fought in the Middle East, Vietnam, Korea, the Pacific Theater, and Europe to keep not only the United States free, but the rest of the world free.  Therefore, every other group that is not among the dreaded great white oppressor variety is protected and will be defended, even when it is ridiculous and defies reasonable logic.
In the face of hate they must find love, and in the face of love they must find hate.  The narrative rules above all things, and any deviation, even if it is obviously ridiculous, will not be tolerated.
God’s imprint on our DNA over who we are, and if we are male or female, is undeniable.  Slapping on some make-up and throwing on a dress does not make a man a woman, it simply makes him a cross-dressing transvestite deviant.
When the Founding Fathers created America, based on the writings of Thomas Jefferson, and the principles of the enumeration doctrine, we learn that the federal government has no authority to stick its nose into education, and that originally the task of hiring teachers, and choosing the curriculum and standards of the local school belonged to the people most influenced by how the children were taught … the parents.  However, now the parents have been pushed to the back of the room and the bureaucrats have taken over with their Marxist philosophy that it takes a village to raise a child, and the voices of the parents don’t matter.

Please defer to my last two paragraphs above this link.

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