I am constantly in touch with legislators around the country trying to educate them on how they can stand against the tyranny that is being perpetrated against the American People in the name of a crisis (the scamdemic being one of them).

The following is the text of an email I sent to a member of a board of county supervisors in Nevada.

Dear County Representative,

One of your constituents contacted me concerned about a misapplication of the Constitution regarding mask mandates in your area.  According to her email to me your governor recently put a mask mandate in place that the county commissioners have decided to follow, despite considering yourselves a constitutional county.  Your constituent advised me that a New York City constitutionalist advised you that the mask mandate by your governor falls within constitutional authorities.

Liberty is a natural right, granted by a higher power, the Creator.  Government is not supposed to interfere with our natural rights in any way, even during a perceived emergency to the community.  As I explain to my students, readers, listeners and viewers, the Constitution (and the State Constitutions) don’t come with asterisks (especially one that says *unless there’s a virus).  The NYC Constitutionalist was likely using case law to support his or her assessment of the constitutionality of a mask mandate.  The legal and political community has been convinced through egregiously erroneous interpretation of the Supreme Law of the Land that one’s individual liberties may be suspended if an emergency regarding the community at large demands it.  The argument is a false one, and stand in direct violation of the whole concept of individual liberty, and the rule of law (laws of nature and of nature’s God as it says in the Declaration of Independence).

Furthermore, in addition to the fact that federal requests for a mask mandate are unconstitutional because the federal government has no authority, the authority is not necessarily granted to the governor of a State, either.

While States have authority to take actions regarding emergencies, the health codes of pretty much every State prohibits taking action against the healthy, and requires informed consent.  Second, the governor’s order has no power of law, since in the section of the Nevada State Constitution where it establishes legislative authorities it states that the legislature in Nevada is “vested” with its legislative powers.  That means only the legislature may make law that must be followed, and they can’t give that power away.  “Vested” means that their legislative power is “irrevocable”.  A legislature may not grant to the governor legislative authorities.  And, if a governor puts out an order, because it lacks legislative authority, it is an “edict”, which holds no power of law because there is no legislation behind it to support the edict.  The best they can expect is for the citizens to “take into consideration” the suggestion from the edict.

The County Sheriff is the citizens’ last line of defense against unconstitutional tyranny.  The county supervisors need to support their sheriff in that role by standing firm against unconstitutional demands by the federal or State governments.  Here is your chance to prove you meant it when you called yourself a constitutional county.  I expect you to follow the rule of law, not the rantings of a bunch of authoritarians who are using the virus scare for political gain.

Thank you.

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