By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

A suicide bomber and the Taliban, in an assault against the United States, killed 12 Marines and a Navy Corpsman attached to that unit.  Meanwhile, the Biden Administration is prioritizing foreigners in their evacuation of people from the collapsed country after double-crossing America and leaving our people in harm’s way.  It’s a success for the liberal left Democrats.  They hold contempt for the United States, as we were founded as as we have been over the last two centuries.  They want the world to believe America is a country in descent, and they want the whole American Experiment to start coming apart at the seams.  Tucker’s opening monologue on his August 26, 2021 program on Fox News laid it out perfectly.  His only mistake was calling the United States a democracy, from the Constitution’s point of view we are a republic.  Still, this opening salvo on his show is worth viewing…

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