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When I turned on my television tonight the ad playing was for CBS’ 60 Minutes, and a woman says, (paraphrasing, since it was a quick byte) “When the president is already taking steps to compromise the 2020 election we have concerns.”

What is President Trump doing to influence the 2020 election?  I am guessing it is the old “voter suppression” argument that stems from the ridiculous racism narrative.

The thing is, there is no voter suppression.  It is yet another lie created by the liberal left.  Asking for an ID to vote is not voter suppression of legal voters because (except in very rare situations) every American has an identification card, and if not, they can get one with relative ease.

The voter suppression that goes on with Voter ID laws is the fact that those without ID can’t vote … meaning, for the most part, those who are voting fraudulently, or those who are illegal aliens and are not supposed to be voting in the first place.

The reality of the situation tells us a lot.  The Democrats are basically saying that Trump (and the GOP) are working to keep the elections fair, honest, and legal, and that is considered voter suppression to them because they need the fraudulent and illegal voters to be able to vote.

What does that say about their ethics?

Those of us on the conservative side of the aisle are not surprised.  For the Democrats it has always been about power and votes.  If illegal aliens were illegally voting republican, the border wall would have been their idea and it would have been built long ago.

So, in response to the woman on 60 Minutes, no the Trump administration is not working to influence the election like you say.  They are working to make sure it is a legal election without the fraud like what we’ve been seeing by the Democrats in the past.

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