By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

As the Democrat Party tries to rally around Joe “rub the hairs on my legs” Biden, with candidates dropping like flies and then running to endorse Biden (likely because of promises made to them by the Democrat Party establishment), because they are deathly afraid of Bernie Sanders (not just because he’s a socialist, but because he’s outside the system and can’t be controlled …. sort of like Trump), Biden (like Sanders) is actually revealing what the liberal left is all about.

Joe Biden is the only candidate that hasn’t revealed he’s actually a socialist (but he is).  But, they (The Establishment) not only like him because he has the moderates who fear socialism fooled, but because he is a part of the system and can be bought, controlled, and led by the nose (just ask Hunter Biden).

A professor of history, and self-proclaimed socialist (like Bernie) once was appalled by my implication that socialism is naturally authoritarian.  “No it’s not,” he argued, “we simply wish for a peaceful transition to equality for all in a system where we look out for our community and turn our back on the destructive nature of capitalism.”

“But,” I asked him, “what if there is someone who disagrees, and demands to have the opportunity to increase his possessions, and make a better life through profits as a result of his hard work?”

“Well, then,” the peaceful socialist explained, “he will have to be made to understand the error of his thinking.”

“Reeducation camp?” I asked.

“No, we will lovingly convince him to change his mind about capitalism.”

“But,” I asked, “what if he refuses.”

“Well, then, he will need to be compelled to comply.”

“In other words, he must be forced to be a socialist.  Isn’t that authoritarianism?”

He kept arguing with me, but the reality is, in a socialist system where individualism and personal property is not allowed, authoritarianism (that’s dictators and oligarchs to you slow-minded leftists reading this piece) is the natural result of socialism.

I was told by another socialist I was confusing socialism with communism.  “We are not communists.”

Socialism is the road to communismCommunism is the goal, but is never achieved because socialism fails every time.

The Constitution was written specifically to not allow socialism in this country.  While the term “socialism” did not exist yet, the concept did.  It was known by other names.  “Utopianism,” “Communalism,” and “Communitarianism.”  But, the Framers of the Constitution were all too familiar with the destructive political ideology.  That’s why the Constitution was written to make sure we are a republic … not a democracy, not a representative democracy, and not a socialist system.  Checks and balances were put into place to protect us from pure democracy (only the House of Representatives was originally voted in democratically at the federal level), and the enumeration doctrine was put into place to protect us from socialism, and any other kind of oligarchy.

The enumeration doctrine basically is that any power the federal government possesses must be enumerated in the U.S. Constitution – not implied, and not presumed.  If the authority is not enumerated specifically in the text of the U.S. Constitution, the federal government simply does not have the authority.  And with that said, it is clear that no authority exists in the Constitution giving the federal government the power to control or own the means of production.  In fact, the Constitution is also explicit in that not only will the federal government only be a Constitutional Republic, but so will the States (Article IV., Section 4 states that the United States shall guarantee to each State only a republican form of government).

Which brings us back to Joe “Plugs” Biden.

He may not say straight out that he’s a socialist, but he supports the idea of the federal government doing whatever it wants, despite any checks and balances, which includes chasing after socialism.

A few weeks ago he muttered that in the Constitution there are “non-enumerated powers.”

In other words, the federal government can do whatever it wants, regardless of what the Constitution says.  And that, my friends, is a free pass towards an ever-growing federal government, which demands authoritarianism, and yes, socialism.

So, while Biden claims not to be a socialist, understand that he is no different than Bernie Sanders … except that Biden is willing to sell-out to the establishment, and do as he’s told by the elites.  Bernie, not so much.

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