By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Have you seen the political ads for the Proposition 13 on Tuesday’s March 3 ballot in California?  The ads warn if you don’t vote for it there will continue to be problems in our schools, such as asbestos in the walls, that won’t be resolved.  Proposition 13, they say, will “fully fund our schools.”

In California we spend more on our schools than any other State in the country, and they want more?  Besides, it’s a lie, the money will not go to schools, just like the gas tax money is not going to roads as promised, and in fact are going to projects not even mentioned in association with the gas tax.

In fact, Democrat Lorena Gonzalez, when confronted about her bad leftist full of lies law, could only say one thing …. “F” Trump!.

And, suddenly, we are supposed to believe a proposal that will increase our property taxes by 60% out the gate, and more down the road, as it works to dismantle the real Proposition 13 from the 1970s, is on the up and up, and the money is going to be spent wisely?


Vote No on the March 3 Proposition 13.  It’s designed to eventually lead back to the days of when people were being taxed out of their homes, by being the first step in the Democrat Party’s plan to dismantle 1978’s Proposition 13.

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