By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The political left has been working on changing America through emotions.  They want you afraid for your planet, so they concocted man-made climate change.  They want you angry so they impeached the president.  They want you paranoid about your health, so they exploited a minor coronavirus into a worldwide pandemic.  They want you looking over your shoulder so they resorted to violence in the name of social justice after the death of George Floyd.
I refuse to be a sheep, so I look at the numbers.  Climate change is a naturally occurring phenomenon, so I am not afraid.  I listen to what President Trump actually says, rather than the liberal left’s false interpretations, so I do not wish to have him removed from office.  I used science to figure out that the strategies being recommended regarding the coronavirus were bad strategies, and math to realize that they have been lying to us about the numbers, so I don’t wear a face mask, and I don’t act paranoid about social distancing.  I recognize that the rioting, like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with ushering in a socialist revolution in America.
I am also vocal, and believe that the way to stop the socialist revolution is to not give money to those who support it.
That’s why I no longer have a COSTCO card.  They escort people out of their stores who are not wearing a mask.
Today I went to a Shoe City store to look into buying myself a pair of Vans shoes.  Once inside, the store clerk, who, I understand, is simply following orders, said to me I had to wear a mask to be in the store.  A sign said so on the door, which I saw, but ignored.
“Sorry,” I said.  “I am not a sheep, so I don’t wear a mask.  No worries.  I will take my business elsewhere.  You do know, by the way, that even the CDC is now admitting they screwed up on their numbers and strategy recommendations, right?”
And then, I walked out of the store.
I then went to a Shell Station mini-mart to get a drink at the soda dispenser and right in front of me was a Black Lives Matter t-shirt.  “You know,” I said, “the fist on that shirt is a communist fist.  Makes sense, the money being fed into Black Lives Matter is communist money.”  Then I turned to his co-worker.  “Tell your boss his shirt lost you guys a customer.”  Then, I walked out.
My wife was bothered by it. I explained to her that my principles were more important than the item I was going to buy at those stores, and to be honest, I can find those products elsewhere.  In my opinion, shopping at stores who are enforcing the draconian face mask rule, or allows open support of subversive groups determined to overthrow our U.S. Constitution, would be no different than giving my business to a store that supported NAZI Germany during World War II.  I can’t do it.  And, if enough people did the same, those businesses would go out of business, leaving for us only those who are not traitors to the country.
Have you walked out of a store in protest, lately?  Voting with your dollar is a powerful method of sending a message.
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