By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Everything has been on hold.  We live in interesting times.  As a result, my life has gotten more interesting, too.

A text from a friend of mine who participates in the Constitution Classes and the Constitution Association read, “The Silence is Deafening.”

Yes, it is.

Some folks think I have vanished, but in reality, there are a number of interesting things going on.

My focus during that last few months has been on my son’s new life as a Christian, and some family politics that has gone along with it, my radio program, which is on the verge of expanding if we can just muster up the funding, Political Pistachio, and my wife’s father who is in the final phase of Alzheimer’s Disease.

The Constitution Classes should resume soon.  I was hoping they would be in full swing, by now.  In fact, one person emailed me saying he was astonished I was not having the classes.  “If anyone would be in defiance of the stupid stay at home order,” he wrote, “I figured it would be you.”

While the classes belong to me, the venues don’t.  Out of respect to those who own, or are in charge, of the venues I use, I wanted to make sure the venues were ready for the classes to return.  After all, there are an awful lot of people, even on the conservative side, that either believe the coronavirus scamdemic propaganda, or they are fearful of disobeying the health department for fear of either being shut down, they are worried about being targeted by protesters, or they are not wanting bad publicity for disobeying the ban on group gatherings.  While I may think the whole coronavirus thing is a scam, not everybody does, and I have not wished to act in a manner outside what the venue managers want when it comes to their facilities.

The classes are normally on Tuesday Night in Corona, and Wednesday Night in Temecula.

Regarding the Wednesday Temecula Class, recently, the Chairman of the Riverside County Republican Party, Jonathan Ingram, gave me the okay to resume meetings and classes at the facility on Jefferson in Temecula and I expected to roll that out this week or next week.  An emergency trip to Oregon will delay that to likely three Wednesdays from now.  I will keep you posted.

I texted the owner of AllStar Collision, where the Corona Class meets, and did not get a response.  I have not had a chance to call him directly, yet.  I am guessing we will be fine getting our Constitution Class going again at that location, but out of respect of the ownership, I just wanted to make sure with him.  Expect that class to get going again in a couple weeks.

There will be a one or two week interruption in either late July or early August due to another trip I will have to make to Oregon, as well.  I will keep you posted.

Constitution Association events should get started again, but due to a bunch of problems associated with the coronavirus (which has resulted in some speakers not being willing to meet groups, etc.) we may need to cancel this year’s annual event.  I may not have to if a couple things I am looking into come to fruition.  I will advise you once I know what I am up against.  There is also a funding deficit involved, and unless some kind of revenue comes in for the Constitution Association soon, we may not be able to afford it, anyway.

I have had an interesting host of health issues come and go, and return, over this period, and in September I am going to begin a series of appointments with Veteran’s Administration neurology.  To be honest, sometimes it is difficult for me to do certain things, and I may need to draw back on how much I do. I was definitely overextended prior to all of this madness, and now that I’ve been out of motion for a while, getting the engines revved back up may be more difficult than I thought.

I have also been preoccupied with the health of my father-in-law, as I stated earlier.  He is an important person in my life, and he is now in the final phase of Alzheimer’s Disease.  Prayers are definitely needed as this good man descends into a very difficult final few months of his life.  Unfortunately, there are also family politics involved that have made it difficult, and due to my experience in certain aspects of the situation, I have been tagged to carry a little bit of responsibility regarding the matter that has also filled up a major amount of my time.

I hope this gives you at least a little bit of an update, and while vague, an idea that getting back to normal, or at least close to it, is right around the corner.  Thanks for the phone calls, text messages, and emails.  I have largely not responded to many of your inquiries because of the fact that there are so many, and I have been in a situation that has made it difficult to do so, anyway. For example, yesterday I experienced a balance situation that had me bed-ridden the entire day.

God Bless, and I am looking forward to working with all of you to restart the engines of our efforts to restore the republic, and resurrect our U.S. Constitution.

See you soon.


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