By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

President Donald J. Trump is in the midst of a serious poker game.  He plays the game with confidence, and a heck of a poker face.  The bluffing frightens even the most experienced players, but it is beginning to look like he has China exactly where he wants them.

The leftist followers of the Keynesian economic theory believe that the cause of the Great Depression just prior to World War II was the Smoot-Hawley Act, a series of tariffs that took American economics to new protectionist highs.  The reality is that while the act definitely didn’t help matters, the true culprit was the still young Federal Reserve System, and leftwing policies put into place by President Hoover, and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Nonetheless, the tariffs of Smoot-Hawley were blamed, and any kind of tariffs or protectionist policies tend to make liberal and liberal-light economic folks nervous to the point they begin sweating down the crawl of their backs.  So, when President Trump began his economic campaign by announcing that he was planning to impose a twenty-five percent tariff on Chinese imports, the Democrats, and a bunch of Republicans, began to worry greatly.  They didn’t see the move as him fulfilling his promise to the American people to put America First.  They feared it would ruin international trade, and put America at a disadvantage.  Besides, the big money corporatists and Wall Street junkies were making money hand of fist betting on America’s demise as manufacturing kept abandoning American shores for the cheaper labor force in Communist China.

Donald Trump recognizes the games being played by the corporate giants and Chinese communists.  He also understands that nobody is standing up to China and anti-American corporate interests because nobody wants to.  They are all profiting off of hurting the American worker, and as far as he’s concerned, it’s high time that the U.S. Government stands firm against China’s economic aggression against our country, and the American free market system and its massive web of private enterprise.

The leftwing machine has been looking the other way as China does all it can to attack American interests.  They have ignored China’s cyber-espionage against our businesses, government, and military computer systems.  They have turned a blind eye towards the Chinese stealing technology (or in some cases, obtaining technology because it was given to them in plain sight).  It all goes way beyond the theft of intellectual property. 

Meanwhile, with no regulatory control and dirt-cheap labor the Chinese are dumping substandard products into U.S. markets.  The problem is, we buy those products because they are inexpensive, and in the process, American competitors are driven out, and force to move their production to someplace other than the United States, like China, so as to compete.
While a small dash of capitalism has been inserted into the Chinese economy, don’t be fooled.  Theirs remains communist, with government subsidies, centralized funding of energy and land, and forced labor.  As a result, they manipulate the markets, and warp them into a system that ultimately destroys businesses who dare try to play by free market rules.
The Chinese have also manipulated exchange rates, and they have deliberately undervalued their currency to make its exports cheaper than American products.  They cheat to get the upper hand, and Trump the businessman recognizes their games and has now threatened tariffs against them.  Now, they believe he’s serious, and they need the American consumer.  The bluff is working.  China has slightly buckled.  China has been caught and someone like Trump has no problem making them pay for their predatory actions and duplicitous dealings.

While the leftwing politicians and press in the U.S. claimed Trump was opening the door to American difficulties, Trump has stuck to his plan and instead China is considering lowering its highest tariffs in the world, and our economy is the envy of the world.  The trade deficit with China is being reduced, and now we are seeing more investment in production in the U.S. and less off-shoring of American factories to China.

While the leftwingers were doing what they could to protect their global agenda, Trump has been dismantling their grip on our system and has made our economy more about our country and our way of life.

The truth is, we are in a war with Communist China, and the leftwingers have been giving economic aid and comfort to the enemy.  Meanwhile, President Trump has said no to the global agenda, and yes to standing up for America.

It’s about time somebody decided to stand up to China.

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