By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has finally spoken, and he essentially said what Attorney General Barr has been saying about his report.  There is no evidence of Russian collusion between Donald J. Trump and the Russians during the 2016 Election.

In response, the Democrats in Washington D.C. beat their chests and concluded that just because there is no evidence it doesn’t mean that Donald Trump isn’t guilty.

Remember, the Democrats fabricated the whole Russian collusion thing.  They made it up.  They lied about it.  And now they are surprised there is no evidence, and want to investigate further?

This is what liars do.  They must continue to prop up their lie, even if the evidence says otherwise.  They can’t admit they lied, that’s for sure.

So, to double down, now impeachment is on the table, again.  While there is no evidence, they will seek to impeach President Trump because of his alleged lies, collusion, and whatever else they can make up.

Could you imagine if this happened in a civilian court of law?  Could you imagine if judge and jury said, “Yeah, we have no evidence, but we are still convinced you did it, so you’re going to fry, anyway.”

The public would never stand for it.  Yet, that is what is happening to our president.

He wasn’t supposed to win in 2016, and the Democrats are still ticked off about it.  They live and breath in the filth of their sickening deep state establishment where corruption, gun running, drug running, human trafficking and pedophelia runs amok, and Trump not only recognizes the disease for what it is, but has vowed to dismantle it.  He’s an outsider who is strong enough to actually do it, and it has them scared out of their minds.  They can’t be discovered.  They can’t be revealed.  They can’t be exposed.  But if they don’t stop him, they will be.  Therefore, they are trying to stop Trump any way they can.

The thing is, I believe President Trump is fully aware of the whole mess, and he’s waiting for the right moment to expose them.  He needs to make sure the evidence is so overwhelming that the normal public will be able to digest it.  It’s all about timing, and the clock is ticking … and the democrats know it.

No evidence.  Mueller is finished investigating.  There needs to be no more investigations against Trump, no more jailing of innocent people because they dared to support the man, and no more political games by the Democrats.  New investigations need to be launched, but this time against Obama and Hillary and Pelosi and so on and so on.

That’s why they are freaking out.  They know if they don’t stop this now, the investigations will come.

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