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“Tearing up his falsehoods was appropriate,” said Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in reference to her tearing up Trump’s speech at the conclusion of the State of the Union.  “I feel very liberated.”

She also criticized President Trump having a list of guests at the State of the Union Speech, which surprised me, considering her praise for Obama doing the same.

And, of course there was her repeat of “He is impeached forever.”

On Wednesday, the day after President Trump’s State of the Union Speech, the U.S. Senate voted to acquit the President of the charges the House indicted him with through impeachment.

Senator Mitt Romney, who voted against the President, was defended by Pelosi.  The Republican Party has largely criticized the Utah Senator.

While Pelosi and the Democrats are claiming Trump is shredding the Constitution in his conduct, the reality is we have not had a President that acts as closely in accordance with the Constitution like President Trump since President Calvin Coolidge a hundred years ago.  He has eliminated unconstitutional, and damaging, regulations, worked to remove us from wars he considers to be unnecessary foreign entanglements, pushed to enforce our immigration laws (which, according to Article I, Section 8 and Article I, Section 9 are a federal authority), and is presiding over the best economy we’ve had in our lifetimes. 

Pelosi claims Trump “did not inherit a mess, he inherited momentum.”

During the State of the Union speech President Trump also awarded radio host Rush Limbaugh with the National Medal of Freedom, and then later the Republicans in the chamber began to chant “four more years.”  Pelosi called the chant inappropriate, and criticized Trump for giving Limbaugh his award in the House Chamber, that he should do his business in his own office.

We must remember that in the beginning, Pelosi resisted impeachment.  Then, against her original instinct, she gave in and went ahead with it, giving in to the radical socialist crazies of her party.  Now, she is forced to own it.  She is forced to double down.  She doesn’t dare admit she screwed up.  And in the end, all of this is blowing up in the Democrat Party’s face.  President Trump has never been more popular.

In a speech to the country this morning, President Trump was quick to point out that the whole party has been through a lot.  “It never really stopped … it was evil … it should never ever happen to another President.”

He explained how such attacks can get out of control very quickly, “we caught them in the act,” and he said that if he had not fired James Comey when he did he may not still be President of the United States at this point.  Despite the attacks, he touted how much his administration has accomplished.  “We’ve done more than any administration in the first few years.”

He said that the economy and the strong stock market is “our credit.”  He said that the power of the United States is unique.  There is nothing like it anywhere else in the world.

Trump called the speech he gave this morning a “celebration.”  He explained that he’d done nothing wrong, and he held up a copy of the Washington Post with the headline “Trump acquitted.”  “This is the result,” he said.  “Only good headline I’ve ever had in the Washington Post.”

The President called his team, and supporters, “warriors.”  They survived the “Russia, Russia, Russia” lie, the Mueller Report, and a nasty campaign.  “We thought after the campaign it would stop.  It didn’t stop.”  He called it corruption, and that the FISA Court should be ashamed of itself.

In the end, however, Trump won.  “They knew we were totally innocent, but kept it going … they wanted to inflict political pain on somebody that had just won an election … Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for, millions of dollars for the fake dossier.”

He thanked his legal team, had them stand up, and they did so amidst plenty of applause.

Trump called Representative Schiff a “screenwriter,” and added, “fortunately we had transcripts … accurate transcripts … professional transcribers.”

The President then praised Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell, adding, “You did a fantastic job.”

He noted they are up to 191 judges appointed (in addition to two Supreme Court judges), and Trump praised Senator McConnell for that number.

Trump commented about the good prayer breakfast earlier in the morning, made a few quips about Pelosi, and then thanked a list of Senators and other supporters.

When thanking Utah Senator Mike Lee, President Trump threw a few verbal jabs at Mitt Romney, telling Lee to apologize to Utah for him, and that Mike Lee is the most popular Senator in Utah.

President Trump commented about how so much could have been done had the Democrats worked with him rather than attacking him with impeachment.  Now, not only has he been acquitted, but he predicted that Congressman Kevin McCarthy will be the next Speaker of the House.

When introducing his Cabinet, he commented, “today is the day to celebrate these great warriors.”

He stated the Republican Party is now stronger than ever before, including even the days of “Abe Lincoln.”  The GOP, he said, is doing a great job.

“We have a great group of warriors … very talented people … I want to apologize to my family for having gone through a phony rotten deal.”

Representative Meadows, at the end, added, “We’ve got your back.”

Then, the President exited the room with his wife, First Lady Melania Trump.

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