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  • Pelosi’s Orchestrated Political Coup
    • Pre-planned ripping in half of State of the Union Speech
    • Fake offered hand-shake a planned snub
  • President Trump
    • Acquitted
    • “We were abused by the FISA Process
  • Bernie Sanders
    • Admits addressing Man-Made Climate Change Hoax will result in job loss … “Yes, there will be some job loss, I acknowledge that.”
    • Sanders Democrat leader in miles using private jet … hypocrisy?
  • Biden: 4th Place, only non-hardcore socialist on Democrat Stage
  • Bloomberg: Paying his way into presidency while hammering on the wealthy and paying social media influencers to click “like” on his social media pages
  • Buttigieg
    • Campaign caught inserting audience applause into CNN Town Hall Clip
    • Says there’s no evidence that killing Soleimani made America safer
  • Iowa Caucus still a mess … Dems can’t even count a few thousand votes, and they want to run the country?
  • James Carville: “Democrats are losing their damn minds.”
  • Socialism: Policies that historically destroy lives and destroy nations — Tammy Bruce on the Sean Hannity Show
  • Joy Behar: “I’m crazy today, he’s made me crazy this week, because he’s winning I’m getting nuttier and nuttier.”
  • Chaos on The View: Meghan McCain shoots back when Whoopi Goldberg compares Mitt Romney to John McCain.  Meghan regarding Romney?  “He is nothing.”
  • Sondland and Vindman excused
  • New Hampshire: Boring snooze-fest included challenges to Buttegieg’s experience, race and reparations, and a full embrace of socialism.
  • Trump Administration raises $100 million during impeachment
  • Trump’s policies lead to U.S. adding 225,000 jobs in January, blowing away all predictions, dropping unemployment rate to 3.5% record low.
  • In China, journalists covering coronavirus are disapearing

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