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Today’s Topics:

★Democrats Furious at Christianity

➨Pastor Jack Hibbs Labeled “Radical Christian Nationalist”

★Dem Strategies to Win 2024

➨Federal Tax Dollars Paying College Students to Register Voters

The Democrats are willing to do whatever it takes to win. Be ready for anything…Could you imagine the uproar if federal dollars were being used to hire and pay “non-partisan” gun owners to register voters at gun shows and gun shops? How about federal dollars to hire and pay “non-partisan” Christians to register voters at churches? Is this program being pushed at Hillsdale College? Liberty University? Monticello College in southeast Utah? 

★Climate Change Border

➨Biden Visits Texas Border to call “Climate Change Deniers” “Neanderthals” because Illegal Immigration is “All Because of Climate Change”

The list of crimes by illegal aliens (murders, rapes, and child molestations) has been preventable, but Biden not only refuses to own up to the fact that his reversal of Trump’s immigration policies has been a disaster of murderous proportions. So Biden decided to make an obligatory visit to the border at Brownsville, Texas; and did he talk about his failure of protecting America citizens by allowing and encouraging the invasion of the U.S. Southern Border by criminals and persons from countries determined to destroy American Liberty by inserting their spies and terrorist combatants through our border and into our communities? No. But he did make sure he addressed Climate Change and those who dare to oppose his destructive agenda. 

“I’ve flown over a lot of these wildfires since I’ve been president,” Biden said. “Flown over more land burned to the ground. All the vegetation gone more than the entire state of Maryland in square footage.”

“The idea there’s no such thing as climate change. I love that, man,” he added. “I love some of my Neanderthal friends who still think there’s no climate change.”

★Ukraine Illusions

➨When Lies are Truth, and Truth becomes Lies

★Ballot Wars

➨Another State Removes Trump from 2024 Ballot

★Hey, Democrats, Be Careful Who You Target Trump With

➨Fani Willis May Face Perjury Charges

★Presidential Immunity

➨Whoopi’s Immunity Rant Wreaks of Idiocy

Mr. Constitution Hour airs every Saturday Night at 9pm.

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Mr. Constitution Hour on KPRZ is a radio broadcast that looks at The United States Constitution through the lens of Christianity. The program is hosted by Mr. Constitution Douglas V. Gibbs.

This Week: Mr. Constitution Hour by Douglas V. Gibbs: Congressional Budgets — Doug, in today’s broadcast, explains the congressional budgetary process and how it is being abused and used in a manner to ensure unconstitutional spending and domestic pet projects for members of Congress, largely through earmarks.

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