By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

I‘ve been saying for weeks, not only will there not be a Blue Wave on November 6, 2018, I think the GOP may actually gain seats … in both Houses of Congress.

“But the polls …”

You mean the same polls that predicted that Hillary was a shoe-in?

The day before the 2016 election, I predicted a solid Trump win.  Romney never had a chance, and I said so.  McCain was also a lost cause the moment he somehow vaulted into the GOP spotlight in 2008, and the only reason Republicans were willing to pull the handle for him at all is because they liked Sarah Palin, of whom I also predicted would be the running mate of the GOP candidate for President a full year before McCain chose her.

The polls are manipulated, and are usually wrong.

Trump is not a Republican, he’s a businessman, and he is a doer, and that is what Americans wanted.

The last two mid-term elections were huge wins for the conservative wing of the Republican Party, not because the Republicans had such a great message, but because the socialists of the Democrat Party, lead by Barack Obama, was so dang scary.

The Tea Party, then, found their candidate for 2016.  Donald J. Trump.

Now, we have a good message (Trump’s success), and even more reasons to vote against the Democrats.

Now, we have another mid-term, and I believe it will be yet another Tea Party conservative win.

While the Democrats, once again, arrogantly believe they have this election in the bag, the truth is, our country is conservative, and finally, the conservative wing of the GOP has grown a spine … largely thanks to the thousand pound cajones being carted around by President Trump.

The funny thing is, the Democrats may have been able to pull off a blue wave, had they done what a lot of their candidates are doing right now, and moved to the middle.  But, instead, they doubled down on their Marxist madness, and then sprinkled some craziness on top with their treatment of Kavanaugh, and their #resist and #impeach45 madness (in restaurants, on the streets, etc., etc.).

And the American People are watching, and they are saying, “Ah, Hell No!”

Harvard has 29% of the black community saying they are with Trump (Rasmussen, and few weeks ago, said that number is at 36%).  A Fox News poll said that 51% of Hispanics agree with Trump’s immigration stance.  My wife, who was born in Mexico and immigrated here legally, liked Trump the moment he said he wanted to build a wall.  And then, there is the silent crowd.  The ones who never voted because there was nobody conservative enough on the ballot.  They keep quiet.  They have no yard signs or bumper stickers.  They whisper what they believe, and they voted for Trump without necessarily telling anybody because finally they felt like they had a candidate who represented them.

And they are ready to vote on Tuesday, and they will do so in record numbers because the insanity the Democrats have been spewing has them scared out of their minds.

The economy is booming.  That’s the number one factor for most voters.  An illegal alien invasion is coming.  Most Americans are conservative when it comes to the illegal alien issue, and they support troops at the border.  And, in the 2018 mid-term election, the Silent Majority is ready to strike again.  The House is not lost.  America loves Trump.  They will reward him for his incredible run so far in the White House because he has done something absolutely incredible … he has followed up on his promises.  He has, as President, done what he said he would do when he was a candidate.  Promises made.  Promises kept.

All the Democrats did when they screamed impeachment, or when they scratched their nails down the door of the chamber that Kavanaugh was being sworn in at, was lose votes.

The Democrats will not understand why they got beat so badly again.  They will not understand how the pollsters could be so wrong again.  And then, after they are finished crying, and screaming, they will double down on what beat them in the first place once again to give Trump a landslide victory in 2020.

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