By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

I got this ridiculous flyer in the mail for Murrieta City Council Candidate Harry Ramos.  The group that funded the flyer calls themselves “Citizens for Government Integrity,” but they ought to call themselves Citizens for Dishonest Elitists.

The flyer calls Harry Ramos a “disgraced politician.”

Accused of stolen valor?  The accusation is based on a typo by a volunteer, of which Harry Ramos spoke out about to correct.

Accused of sexual battery?  Like Kavanaugh, it was all hearsay.  No evidence, and if anything, evidence associated with the accuser shows her to be a liar, and a person who has repeatedly gone after men with allegations so as to pocket settlements (in other words, Ramos was not her first victim, or even her second victim).  Her deposition was, to say the least, so bad that she made Ford, the accuser of Kavanaugh, sound more valid.

Multiple complaints?  All of which have no evidence.

The District Attorney refused to take the case because of lack of evidence.

Kavanaugh received these kinds of attacks in 2018.  Ramos received them in 2015.  Same playbook, different Christian Conservative.

As for the opposition to Harry Ramos’ 2018 run for city council, Christi White, she knows nothing.  Literally.  She’s an idiot who is only in the position she is because she knows the right elitists.

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