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California’s neighbor to the north, whose governor is the cousin of California’s former governor, hard left communist Jerry Brown, has something interesting going on during this age of the coronavirus scamdemic.  According to the Pacific Justice Institute, the Oregon State Supreme Court, after reviewing a case regarding Governor Kate Brown’s coronavirus pandemic orders, has granted an emergency stay, stating that the orders issued by the State governor are null and void because they exceed her authority.
The America hating governor who picked the date of two days after Independence Day as being the earliest any of the orders might be lifted has been declaring orders that ranks among the craziest in the country, and now she has been whacked for it by the courts.  Oregon Supreme Court Judge Matthew Shirtcliff issued a temporary restraining order due to the illegality of the pandemic executive orders, upholding a lower court’s ruling.

According to PJI, the case emerged after churches and people of faith across the State sued the governor for her orders extending the lockdown of residents and the closure of churches, businesses, and schools without first going to the legislature as required by Oregon law.  The Pacific Justice Institute filed the lawsuit in Oregon’s Eighth Judicial District. Businesses joined the case on the side of the faith community.  Ray Hacke, who heads the PJI office in Oregon argued the case in Baker County which is in that District. Attorney Kevin Mannix of Salem, who represented businesses also presented argument to the Court.

Brad Dacus, President of PJI, stated, “Our PJI attorneys are committed to ending this Governor’s abuse of powers and will be working hard as we prepare to make our case for the businesses and churches so impacted by her tyranny.”

Religious freedom does not come with a caveat.  The Constitution does not say that the government may make no laws prohibiting the free exercise of religion, unless there is a government proclaimed pandemic, or because somebody out there for any reason doesn’t like the Christians getting together to Worship.  
P.S.  A liberal left atheist will no doubt, if I did not write this post script, argue in my comments section, “What about Satantists?  What about human sacrifice?  Is that allowed?”
Satanists do have their churches and worship freely in the United States. I believe they are idiots, but then again, they think the same of me.  As for human sacrifice, laws against murder are our most basic laws and obviously the persons involved would be guilty of a crime despite their claims of religiosity.
Be aware, the left tends to try to argue their case with absurdities and ridicule, both of which are simply a deceptive lashing out of a desperate ideology that may be breathing in a shallow manner here in the United States.
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