By Douglas V. Gibbs
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I haven’t worn a face mask since March, and even then it was less than half a dozen times.  I’ve done the numbers, I’ve done the research, and I am convinced that not only are face masks worthless for the task the fearmongers of a virus have recommended them to perform, but in the long run long-term use may actually be harmful to everyone’s health.

A few headlines:

Surgeon General: Data doesn’t back up wearing masks in public amid coronavirus pandemic

Holland’s Top Scientists Say There’s No Evidence Face Masks Work — And May Actually Cause More Harm

The useless COVID face mask is not about health, it is about forcing a “culture of silence, slavery, and social death.” ~ Donald Trump

The way to fight this is defiance.  If you are not a part of a group that can openly defy these unconstitutional anti-liberty edicts, there is something you can do as an individual.  Go to church (find one willing to meet in defiance), and refuse to wear a mask.

For those of you brave enough to tell the system to stick it, and brazingly act in defiance, don’t wear a mask and tell them to stick their request where the sun don’t shine.  If you want to say something, I have a list of responses.

According to the California gubernatorial edict there are medical exemptions, which include anyone who cannot withstand a reduction of their oxygen intake, or the hearing impaired who need to see the lips of their partner (and others) in order to effectually communicate.  Unless you are a plant who can perform photosynthesis, the first exemption applies to every human being.  That said, when asked about not wearing a mask, you first response may be, “I am medically exempt.”

By law, HIPPA, they may not ask you what your condition is.

According to the Disabled Americans laws in place, they may not refuse you service.

They may not require you to wear a mask.  By asking you to wear a medical device on your face they are guilty of practicing medicine without a license.

Here’s now my list of responses:

“I can’t hear you, I am hard of hearing, could you please remove your mask so that I can better hear you (or “so that I can read your lips”)?”

“I have a medical exemption.  But if you wish to force me to wear a mask I’d like your full name for the purpose of whose name to put on the lawsuit.”

“I don’t have a mask, so why don’t you get me one, and after you place it on me and I am in distress on the ground, feel free to think about the lawsuit I will be filing when I come to.”

“No, I don’t wear a mask, but thank you for being an obedient comrade.”

“I bet you will be first in line when they start handing out armbands, comrade.”

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