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● “You do know this is a minor virus,” I said.  She replied, “We all have our political opinions.  I believe the virus is real.”  I responded, “I didn’t say it wasn’t real.”  “Yeah, you did,” she shot back.  “You said it’s a fake virus.”  I smiled.  “No,” I said.  “I said it is a minor virus.”  She said, “Same difference.”

In the name of a minor virus:
● No, you are not allowed to go to church

● No, you are not allowed to hold Bible Studies in your home

● No, you are not allowed to have large gatherings of patriots to protest against the tyranny

We are noticing the signs that the liberal left and the Democrats hate Christianity:

● Los Angeles’ Grace Community Church and Pastor John MacArthur have come under fire for deciding to hold in-person church services despite California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D) Wuhan coronavirus declaration that bans church assemblies. The City of Los Angeles slapped the church with a cease and desist letter and threatened to charge both the church and Pastor MacArthur, as an individual, a $1,000 a day fine. The pastor also faces the possibility of being arrested should in-person services continue.

● Supreme Court Supports Democrat Efforts To Make Christians Second-Class Citizens
The Supreme Court has no excuse for allowing Nevada officials to use a public health crisis to fill poker tables while emptying pews.  All four gospels record that the Roman soldiers who crucified Jesus cast lots for his clothing. This was not the last time government agents were more interested in gambling than God. The latest instance is in Nevada, where the state government has granted casinos special privileges denied to churches. Casinos are allowed to operate at half-capacity, while churches are restricted to a hard cap of 50 people, no matter their capacity.

● The “cancel culture” has struck again, this time in the Marine Corps, with the cancellation of a training session for reservists because of the instructor’s Christian faith.

● Netflix’s Cursed is a retelling of Arthurian legend, and Christians are noticing that it does not portray us in a flattering light—as is typical of Hollywood these days.

● Ted Cruz calls out Dept of Defense for discriminating against Christians

Portland Protesters Burn Bibles, American Flags in the Streets

And when their tyranny strikes against a group like Christians, you are all subject to that same tyranny:

● Illinois [Governor] Pritzker Proposes Fines For Businesses That Don’t Enforce Mask Rule

● some southwest IL cities could fine you for not wearing mask

● Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf yanks coronavirus funding from rebellious county

● Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration insisted Sunday that counties already have tools to enforce the New York’s ban on gatherings during the coronavirus crisis despite Rockland County Executive Ed Day’s call for more “firm guidance” from state decision-makers.

● Mass. hotel accused of hosting 300-person wedding, despite warnings: State and local officials were tipped off that the venue planned to host a large wedding on Aug. 1 involving the hotel manager’s family in violation of Covid-19 restrictions. The hotel put on the wedding anyway, as well as a second, 190-guest event the next day.

● Mayor Eric Garcetti … threatened to shut off water and power to businesses that remain open

● …businesses that flout the law could see their liquor licenses and other permits suspended and [Governor Newsom] has called on law enforcement agencies to crack down on residents who violate the law.

● law enforcement in Manhattan Beach fined a surfer $1,000 after he ignored orders to stay out of the water in defiance of Los Angeles County’s beach closure.

● Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced a similar stay-at-order on Monday, warning that anyone who willfully violates the order can be charged with a misdemeanor. On Friday, police reportedly arrested a man who after he did not disperse a bonfire party attended by dozens of people, violating the governor’s earlier order banning large gatherings.

● There is No Constitutional Justification for what they are doing

The only way to fight this is with defiance:

‘We Want to Worship God’: CA Church Plans to Defy ‘Unconstitutional’ Order Not to Gather for Worship

● ‘I Will Go To Jail Before I Close My Church’: Pastors Prepare For Battle With CA Gov. Newsom

In other news:

● Beirut, Lebanon hit with massive explosion

● Myth #6: Commerce Clause

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