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I first met Larry Elder many years ago.  We have, in the past, had a number of conversations, some of them on the phone after midnight (which has typically been the best time to talk to him).  He may or may not remember me clearly, but I remember our conversations, so when he threw his hat into the gubernatorial race in California I was both happy, and concerned.
Larry Elder, the Sage from South Central, is a fantastic American.  His political and economic views are solid conservative, and he understands the machinations of government well enough to pull off being governor of the State of California.
His social issue views, however, has had me concerned, and until he straightened out his opinions with Jack Hibbs recently at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, I was more than mildly concerned.
In the past he has stated he doesn’t like laws prohibiting the expansion of abortion, and that he could see early first trimester abortions as being possibly necessary for some women.  As a “small l” libertarian, he did not like government interfering with a woman’s choice, either, even if he personally was against any kind of abortion.
It looks like he has since changed his view to full-fledged pro-life, according to his discussion with Pastor Hibbs.  And, I believe him.  People can grow and change.  I do not believe his change of mind is purely politically motivated.
Elder, in the past, has also shown a lean in towards homosexuality, but I am not so sure he is in that camp anymore, either, after his discussion with Jack Hibbs.  I don’t believe there should be laws interfering with one’s lifestyle, mind you, but on the same token there should be no laws promoting it, either.  As I like to say, we are supposed to have Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  While there should be no laws prohibiting one to “pursue” a lifestyle, there should be no laws that interfere with another’s right to pursue what they believe, either.  So, rather than forcing a baker through the courts to bake a particular cake, it should simply be said that folks have a right to pursue having a cake baked the way they want, but if someone’s religious rights, or other rights, stand in the way, then the person should be responsible with their right to pursue happiness and pursue the cake baking operation elsewhere.  While there should be no laws prohibiting the certain style of baking a cake, there should be no laws demanding that a baker must comply with the customer’s demands, no matter what.
Did you miss the conversation Larry Elder had with Pastor Jack Hibbs?
No problem, listen/view here —>  

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So, you may ask, do I believe Larry Elder is another Schwarzenegger?  Or is he a good conservative candidate worth voting for?
While I am not ready to necessarily endorse Larry Elder, I am definitely slowly moving from the former position of “not so sure” to the latter opinion that he ought to be our next governor.
Otherwise, I like Kevin Kiley, and Anthony Trimino, but the problem is that neither has a chance to win because of a lack of name recognition and a lack of funding.
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