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Do you hear it? Do you hear the footfalls of the enemy as they march through our Land of Liberty, and seek to have us follow the rest of the world into an inescapable system of socialism and authoritarian control?

The rise of a great enemy is upon us.  Except, the enemy has always been there; hiding, scheming, preparing.  Evidence of the enemy dots the landscape.  Alexander’s call for the president to be a king.  The emergence of central banking, implied powers and judicial review occurred before many of the Founding Fathers had even finished their lives.  The father of the Democrat Party, Andrew Jackson, marched natives along a Trail of Tears, ignoring the rule of law and decency.  He pushed for pure democracy, and set into motion an assault against the republic where the voice of the States would ultimately be silenced, and the checks and balances of our Constitutional System was weakened to the point that they not only could not stop the onward march of tyranny, but that they could not even utter a word about tyranny’s arrival inside the gates of government.

In our weakened constitutional condition the armies of collectivism have landed on our shores, and they have infiltrated our halls of government.  Under their leadership politics have become nothing more than theater.  A magic show filled with smoke and mirrors.  The enemy steals our voice in plain sight, works to slaughter our young without limits, and they have been teaching our children the ways of the art of anti-liberty, and to hate America and any authority other than theirs, without your knowledge should any children somehow survive their journey from womb to open air.  They tell us that spending trillions of dollars on issues that the Constitution does not authorize them to be involved in comes at zero cost.  Through all of that spending they seek is for the purpose of killing liberty and the free market, for such legislation is filled with the dreams of power-hungry socialists who desire to destroy America’s greatness.  With the latest spending bill the purveyors of anti-constitutionalism will finally be able to do as they have sought since day one…create a scenario of full government involvement in our lives from cradle to grave.
Meanwhile, governmental policies drive inflation skyward, as well as the need for Americans to go on the government dole (Foodstamps participation has risen dramatically).  Chaos and murder is on the rise, and giving sanctuary to criminal aliens is even being supported unlawfully by the courts.  Of course, the current administration says that all of their woes is Trump’s fault.  In truth, the destruction of American Liberty is by design.
The plan to hit us with a pandemic was in the planning decades ago.  Bankers have had an eye on controlling us through the monetary system for over a hundred years.  In fact, the plan was laid out in an article in 1892.  The desire to pursue depopulation goes back 200 years.

Global Tyranny has been the plan all along.  It is nothing new.

Can you hear the footfalls.  Can you hear the approach of tyranny?

Of course not.  It is disguised behind fear, a virus, climate change, and the promise of good intentions to protect the community from an ever approaching enemy … or at least as many enemies as they can create without you truly realizing what is going on until it’s too late, and the shackles have been locked around your ankles.
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