Douglas V. Gibbs will join the show.  He is host of Constitution Radio, heard Saturday afternoons on KMET.  Gibbs is running for the Murrieta Valley Unified School District Board of Governors, Trustee District #4 who vows to put an end to Common Core.   He will sit down with Murrieta District #2 City Council candidate and former Mayor, Harry Ramos who pays another visit to the show.
In 2015, Gibbs well remembers a time when Ramos, then-Mayor of Murrieta, was forced from office as a result of trumped-up charges of sexual harassment.  Ramos believes this was orchestrated by those within the council who sought to remove him from office by drumming up a witness that according to his friend Gibbs, “pulled a Kavanaugh-like smear and slime campaign on the Mayor, years before anyone had heard of Brett Kavanaugh.”
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