By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

Remember how sure the Democrats were that Hillary Clinton would be the next President of the United States?
They are even more sure that their Blue Wave will happen on Tuesday.
They are already counting their chickens before they hatch.
They think their message of fear and doom is a winning combination.  Their #resist movement has sputtered.  They are not where they think they are.

While the Democrats swear its payback time (because nothing says we love our country like vengeful violent rage against the President of the United States), their arrogance has them believing that the
legislature will be back in their hands, and they will be the ones swinging the gavel.  Democrat leftist pollsters not only think the Democrats will do well on Tuesday, they actually believe the hard left crazies will gain so many seats that they will take the House of Representatives outright.  They are ready for their power.

They can tasted it.

Schiff thinks he will chair the committee that would be in charge of ramping up the Russia Russia Russia probe, once they gain the House in their Tuesday dream fantasy.  Nancy Pelosi is already talking about wielding subpoena power once the Democrats takeover the House.  Trump called her statement illegal.  The Democrat Party’s socialist darling, Ocasio-Cortez, continues to spew her own poison calling President Trump a ‘monster’.  Former Vice President Joe Biden is threatening violence.  Obama can taste the power of the government in the hands of the Democrats so badly his voice is wavering and cracking.  They are already throwing their celebrations.  Their pollsters have said that a Democrat Party victory is all but in the bag (one pollster gives the percentage chance a whopping 85% grade).  They even think there’s a chance to take the U.S. Senate.

I remember this kind of arrogance before.  It all happened in 2016.  Like then, we are seeing the Democrats with out of control polarizing politics.  The socialist rich are pumping as much money into Democrat campaigns as they can.  They are inciting violence with effigies, fighting against anyone candidate that may spoil their plans.  They know the youth, who has not realized that they are mere pawns for leftist power grabbing, have to get to the polls for them, and they are doing all they can to convince the freshly indoctrinated to vote.  Washington D.C. is even considering bypassing the Constitution’s 26th Amendment with a bill that would let 16-year-olds vote for president in 2020.

It’s as if their madness regarding Kavanaugh never happened.  It’s as if they think that Trump’s victory was a temporary aberration.  They are convinced America has taken a sharp left turn.  And in their arrogance, I believe the GOP is about to make the Democrats cry again.  I not only think that there will be no Blue Wave, but I believe the Republicans may actually increase their hold over the House.

My thinking?  Final Senate number after the election: R – 55, D – 45 (Currently R – 51, D – 49).  House: R- 238, D – 190 (Currently R – 235, D – 193).

We’ll see.

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