By Douglas V. Gibbs

The video below is a very good example at how well the cultural Marxism program of deception has worked on a large sector of the American population.  The pawns of the Democrat Party’s game of lies not only believe the garbage they’ve been taught, but have taken it into their system with religious fervor and full faith that what they’ve been told is the gospel truth.  Here’s the video, then I have a little more to say below it…
The Democrats are using tactics made famous by the Soviet Union, Adolf Hitler, the Chinese Communist Party, various other communist and totalitarian regimes in history, Saul Alinsky, and Frederick Hagel.  The Hegelian Dialectic speaks loud and clear in their methods.
Rahm Emanuel said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”  He should have added, “even if you have to create the crisis to make it work.”
So, to achieve a totalitarian socialist narrative you must take full advantage of any crisis that appears, milk the crisis as much as you can, create one or create scenarios to keep one going as necessary, and if a crisis begins to go against your narrative or people begin to recognize that your narrative is not working immediately flip it and project it upon your opposition.
The push for defunding the police is a recent example.  For a year we have been under siege by calls to change how we police because of the “racist pigs” who serve in law enforcement.  Defund the police, and move to community policing.  Then, suddenly, communities began to realize having less police is dangerous, and crime is rising at a rate that is unacceptable to the public.  Judges, such as the one dealing with Minneapolis, are ruling that the cities need to hire more police (largely to remain within their own rules as a city).  
Suddenly, the Democrats realize that their “defund the police” mantra is not working, and is not so popular, after all.  So, they asked themselves, “What should we do?  Admit we were wrong?  Shift our narrative to a more correct way of thinking and apologize for steering folks wrong?”
Nope.  They decided to do what they always do.  Say nothing, suddenly shift position, and then blame the opposition for the problems arising.
It worked so well with racism, why not flip the community policing crap, too?
Racism.  Critical Race Theory.  It is all a ruse to create division.  Remember, the Democrats are the Party of slavery, created the Ku Klux Klan, lynched blacks, participated in voter suppression against blacks, created Planned Parenthood for the purpose of sterilizing black women and aborting black babies, fought against the Civil Rights Act in 1964 which was written by Republicans, and today thinks that “minorities” are too stupid to get an ID to vote and not capable enough to kick themselves out of poverty.  But, as we saw in the above video, they are convinced that the Republicans, and anyone who supports President Donald J. Trump, are the racists.
If I wasn’t paying attention, nor was informed, I’d think we were in the Twilight Zone.
These Democrat voters have bought lock, stock, and barrel the ridiculous notions the Democrat narrative puts out, and will scream at you and be intolerant of you if you dare disagree with the obvious deceptions.
Interestingly, these pawns would be the first to be executed if the one-party socialist Democrats were ever to fully gain complete control.  At that point they don’t want loud, disobedient rebels.  Once tyrants gain power they want sheep around them, and they kill everyone else.
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