The Biden Administration recently stated that if they need to go door-to-door to ensure all Americans are vaccinated, they will do so. There is a narrative among the Democrats and establishment Republicans that says that a community has a right to protect itself, so in such emergency situations individual rights are suspended. Constitutional?

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2 thoughts on “Daily Dose: Door-to-Door

  1. Our rights were codified to restrict the government from infringing in situations where it is the most tempting for those in power to do so. Freedom isn't safe, it's just safer than the alternatives. If those in positions of leadership in a free nation do not trust the populace to make good decisions on an individual level, then they need to step down. Also key is a shared standard for morals, values and ethics – something that is quickly eroding in this nation – and this nation was designed to function with the Judeo-Christian standard.

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