By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

All of them.  Tucker Carlson.  Sean Hannity.  Laura Ingraham.  The Founding Fathers never intended the United States to be a democracy, and it drives me nuts that even our so-called conservative allies love to use that word.

That said, with the leftist leanings, and alterations to our system, since its conception, we have been on a dangerous path towards becoming a democracy.

Originally, the pure direct vote of the people at the federal level was only used to put into place members of the House of Representatives.  At the State level, the governor and members of the assembly (State House of Representatives) were democratically voted into place.  At the county and municipal levels all of the major offices were voted in by the communities.

The closer the government got to the people, the more democratic it became.

U.S. Senate districts are the State borders, regardless of population, to protect the voice of the less populated States.  State Senate District lines used to be the county lines.  That vestige of being a republic was done away with by the Warren Court in Reynolds v. Sims, which demanded the lines be drawn in a more democratic manner.  The Electoral College protects us from the excesses of democracy.  This country was never intended to be a democracy, it is supposed to be a republic.  It’s bad enough that the Democrats have continually rung that bell.  I hate it when I see conservatives doing the same.

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