By Douglas V. Gibbs
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A number of States, Republican Party led States, have been reopening as the numbers and truth about the Wuhan Chinese novel coronavirus COVID-19 have continued to surface.  The first of the States to decide to reopen was The Peach State, Georgia.  The liberal left went crazy, warning that reopening too soon could kill us all.  They yelled.  They screamed.  They criticized Governor Kemp.  I saw one image on a news website of a guy dressed up as Death, reaping tool and all, with a sign reading, “You’re killing us Kemp.”

Just to the south of Georgia, Florida has been taking similar steps, and its beaches, I hear, are packed and the people are doing just fine.  But, as expected, the lefties there are freaking out, too.  In fact, I was just watching a video the other day, thanks to Chad Prather, of a woman in Florida freaking out with a profanity-laden rant about people not wearing masks covering their mouth and nose …..

…… and I wondered if she was a fair representation of a good-sized segment of liberal left loonies.  The first words that came to mind as I watched her was “idiot,” and “lemming.”

I am sure the liberal Democrat lefties in Georgia went nuts in ways similar to that Florida gal’s nutzoid rant when that State opened.

The funny thing is, the hysterical fears by the left, based on Georgia’s current state of being, turns out to have been unfounded.  In the month since Georgia reopened its businesses there have been no upward trend in deaths as some had claimed would happen.  In fact, the numbers of infection and deaths have been declining.  Granted, social distancing ridiculousness is still in place, but with the great success of reopening businesses in the State, the other States should take notice.

As for the worrisome spike in coronavirus cases and deaths?  The other States that have been reopening are showing numbers similar to Georgia’s.  No increase of cases, and no massive increase of coronavirus related deaths.


Because the whole thing has been a sham from the beginning.  The shelter in place policies have been bad policies based on false science and manipulated models.  The number of deaths have been overstated (NY, Penn), and antibody studies have shown us that the number of cases has been grossly understated, which means COVID-19 is not as deadly as they’ve been saying.

Therefore, Georgia made the right move.  The State is taking small steps towards fighting its unemployment rates and saving its economy.  In the long run, in fact, they may be saving lives, because a damaged economy could be more deadly than the coronavirus scamdemic.

In April during this 2020 scamdemic 20.5 million Americans lost their jobs, and unemployment went from below four percent to over fourteen percent.  The reality is this could cause an economic disaster worse than that of 2008.  38.1 million people already live in poverty.  How many more lives are we willing to sacrifice in the name of losing our liberty for safety from a disease that, as we’ve realized, has less of a chance of killing you than you being struck by lightning. 

Shutting down the economy in the name of safety from a mild sickness bug could, in the long run, cause more damage to our free market system than the coronavirus itself.

The American Enterprise Institute claims there is a correlation between the economy and life expectancy.  Stress is deadly.  And with hospitals claiming they are taking less patients so as to make room for COVID-19 sufferers that never came, for the most part, health issues related to the economic stress on people may also go untreated.  Unemployment can be detrimental to our health, yet they want us to sit at home running and hiding from the coronavirus, which is pushing some people into depression, suicidal tendencies, and the like.

The reality is this is a chance for them to implement authoritarianism the United States has never seen before.  People are easier to monitor and control when they don’t gather in groups, and that’s one of the real reasons for the tyranny being thrust upon us.  But, in the long run, the red States that reopen first will do better, both economically, and in the terms of mental health.  Meanwhile, in blue States, the cases of domestic violence has already noticeably increased during this ridiculous quarantine of the healthy. 

Because Georgia was the first to reopen, they are being watched closely.  The liberal left wants to use them as proof of their insanity, but the truth is, the result of Georgia’s reopening has been very positive.  Georgia’s Governor Kemp took a chance based on the information available, likely ran the numbers, and may very well have set an early standard for other States to follow … of which only red States will likely follow.

Which, once again, is why the GOP dominated States will be the ones to economically recover as the Democrat majority States flounder in their own stupidity.

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