By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The black community around the country is rioting, destroying property, and in some cases people are being injured and killed, in the name of Seeking Justice for George Floyd.  The black community in general has judged law enforcement to be guilty of police brutality because of the actions of a few individuals. If they are so quick to judge all cops on the actions of a minority, then what does the minority of the black community that is rioting think they are doing for the image of the black community? How is it that they believe taking to the streets and committing violence is somehow the answer to unwarranted violence by a cop against an individual? 

Martin Luther King Jr. taught that you don’t use violence to seek societal change, you use nonviolent demonstrations. The rioters are acting in a manner outside what Dr. King taught, and they have set back the black community at least 50 years, back to the sixties before the creation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and perhaps even further back than that to the days when President Woodrow Wilson a hundred years ago decided to segregate the military. 

While I don’t believe that the general population of any race color or ethnicity is racist, it seems to me that racism is being portrayed more by the black community at this moment through the rioting, and in situations like in Los Angeles where black drivers are pulling over white drivers, and pulling them out of their vehicle to beat the crap out of them.  White people are not the only people capable of racism.  Any person who makes decisions based on the color of one’s skin is being racist, so the rioters, or at least the ones who are using Black Lives Matter’s Marxist methods of disruption partly through racists schemes such as what I’ve mentioned, along with claims of alleged White Privilege (and knocking white people to their knees demanding them to apologize) is showing more racism than any other group in America.  While the black community, or at least a militant minority of the black community, accuses Caucasians of believing in white supremacy and white nationalism, the truth is, while some of those people do exist, they are a very small minority.  For the most part, except in occasional cases, racism has departed from America.

The riots are not about racism, anyway.  It’s being used as a political opportunity by people who, when they feel like they’ve got an excuse and can claim they’ve been wronged, have run into the public square and are destroying property and committing violence against other people. Stereotypes are a difficult thing to break, yet the black community, or at least the rioting militant minority, are showing the white community at large, and the other communities in America, that when we need to come together and mourn the death of an individual who was wrongly murdered by a police officer, they believe their violence is the way to go about it.  They are literally burning down their neighborhoods, burning businesses that are already struggling because of a Coronavirus, and the message being sent is one that is not good for the black community in general. I don’t believe that most blacks subscribe to the actions of the people in the street. I do believe that the people in the streets are not out there for George Floyd as much as they are there to be radical revolutionaries and anarchists.

I believe that most blacks agree with me about this, and are embarrassed by the black youth who are out there causing wanton destruction in the major cities of this country. What kind of example are they setting for the younger generation. Is this the message the young black men and women out there rioting want their children, or younger brothers and sisters who are still just kids, to see, and emulate when they get older? 

I believe deep down the rioters would not want the younger people in their lives who look up to them and begin acting like that.  A part of being a responsible American is knowing when to use the process, and if the process is not working then work to adjust it. Poking someone in the chest, or going about it in a violent manner, is not revolutionary, it is stupid. 

The young black men out there rioting are largely fatherless because Dad has been replaced by government dependency. The family unit in the black community has been destroyed by leftist Democrat Party policies. Your entire life has been lived in the cities, where the Democrat politicians run things and the cities are not any better under Democratic rule.  You have been voting, if you vote, for the Democrat by more than 90% of the Black voting population, and what have the Democrats done for you?  Are the city’s better off?  Has poverty lessened compared to what it was before? What about the federal government? Before Donald Trump was elected we had just finished eight years of the first black president, with Barack Obama. Were you better off thanks to his policies? What did the first black president do for you in your communities? Under President Trump the unemployment rate, prior to the Coronavirus scamdemic, was lower than ever in history for the black community.  How was that rate under the Democrats?  Under Obama?  What has the Democratic party done for you, lately?  They have been enabling poverty, encouraging violence and striking out against the GOP, and they have done nothing to improve the conditions in the black neighborhoods other than maintain it as it is. Why? Because it is more profitable for them to simply maintain poverty, but never resolve it.  The politicians run on fixing poverty, but they never actually resolve the problem because if they did they would have nothing to run on, and you would no longer need them because in reality their policies are destructive, not only for individuals, but for the economic system and culture as a whole.  It is time for the black community to take a long hard look in the mirror, and it is time for the black community to realize the way to resolve their problems is not to resort to violence, and not to embrace socialist policies that are being offered by the Democrat Party, but to change what you are doing, take a stand on a different soap box, and embrace what made this country prosperous in the first place.  What has made this country great, and prosperous, is a free market where people as individuals take care of themselves and go for the best they can. Yes, I know based on the current situation that it is difficult, that it is hard work for a black person to break the chains of bondage placed on you by the democrats and the culture of the big city neighborhood.  It is tough to strike out on your own. But, it can be done. This is America. This is the land of opportunity. And crying and feeling bad for yourself and burning down the very businesses that could hire you if you needed a job is not the answer. Acting like a bunch of petulant children throwing a temper tantrum because a white cop killed a black man is not the answer. Your community has done this in the past. Rodney King. Trayvon Martin. We can even go all the way back to the Watts Riots. And what has it done for you? Nothing.  Change wasn’t achieved because all you did is turn people away, shaking their head, thinking that perhaps the stereotypes they’ve been made aware of are true.

It is time to change your tactics. What you have been doing isn’t working. It is time to shift gears, and take advantage of American Opportunity. It is time for black Americans to take advantage of the god-given opportunity Of American exceptionalism, and your Natural Rights secured by the U.S. Constitution because the Creator gave you those rights. It is time to quit whining, and quit throwing temper tantrums, and get to work on truly changing YOUR system so that you may take advantage of the existing American System in place. You want to change Your community? You want to do what’s right for your children, and your brothers and sisters, and participate rather than desecrate and destroy? The more you riot, the more your community will continue to act this way, and nothing will get solved.  It’s a cycle.  Black man gets killed, people riot, attitudes worsen, and opportunity gets farther and farther away.  The more you set your community backwards rather than moving it forward, the more you remind me of the kind of people Dr. Martin Luther King warned us about.  Dr. King did not march so that you could get high, and he did not march so that you could destroy your neighborhood and act like a bunch of government dependents.  He marched so that society may recognize his message, and so that blacks may recognize the opportunity that exists in this country for the black community.  He marched without violence, in a non-violent manner, for change. Change comes when responsible adults act in a responsible manner and work through the system, using what’s available to them.

In all honesty, the system really doesn’t need to change.  Our hearts do. The problem with Derek Chauvin who killed George Floyd Was that he had an evil heart.  And from what I hear, George Floyd was not saint, either.  It is time for change, but not to change the system.  It is time for us to change the hearts of the black community from violence, and a continual cycle of poverty, and to shift its gears into becoming a vibrant active community where the active participants operate in a manner that takes full advantage of the free market.  That is how we reach the American dream.

Opportunity exists for everyone.  Folks just need to stop for a moment, recognize the process, and operate in that manner.  Simple as that.

God Bless.

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