By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

You must wear a mask ……. except that it is unhealthy to wear a mask as much as we have because if you do you are spending a large amount of time breathing in your own CO2, which is unhealthy, and lowers your immunity.  I have noticed the mainstream media has spent a lot of time trying to debunk such a notion, but it is fairly obvious that if you don’t have a mask that expels the CO2, unless you are a member of the plant family, it is not good for you to inhale CO2 in large quantities, or for a steady time period.  As for the virus itself, considering how small a virus is, if you are exposed a mask is not going to keep the virus from working its way around the open crevices between your mask and your skin.

Staying at home saves lives …….. except that it doesn’t.  If the virus is in the air, you are more likely to contract it indoors than outdoors.  The sun is a natural disinfectant.  Also, what has been happening is that staying indoors has increased the frequency of mental health issues, such as depression, and during the alleged pandemic the instances of suicide has quadrupled.

COVID-19 is a major killer ……… except that it isn’t.  The CDC has even admitted they were wrong, claiming that it is likely that people under 50 have only a 0.05% chance of dying from the disease, and that folks older has only a slightly stronger chance of death.  Based on my number crunching, based on the estimates now available based on new data available as a result of antibody studies, the mortality rate overall is 0.02%, and for people under 50 it is 0.002%.  Since 240,000 people are injured each year due to lightning strikes, and the chance of being struck by lightning is estimated at 0.333%, you have a much higher chance of being struck by lightning than you have of dying from the Chinese Wuhan novel coronavirus.

During this crisis we must close non-essential businesses …….. except there are quite a few essential businesses they have proclaimed as being non-essential.  Gyms, for instance.  Working out increases one’s immunity system’s strength.  Churches.  I don’t remember freedom of religion having a caveat that says “unless there’s a virus,” and personally, I think prayer, and doing so with my church congregation as we Worship the Lord, is very essential during such an alleged crisis.

We must close the schools until this crisis passes ……… except that there has been almost no confirmed documented cases of COVID-19 in children under 10.  And in the cases where the child was infected, they were asymptomatic.  After all, they are young, have strong immunity systems, and fall into that category of a 0.002% mortality rate (or 0.05% if you go by the new CDC numbers); of which I believe the number is so low among children the number is laughable.

You want to do whatever you can to keep from getting infected ……… except that’s not true.  First of all, over 98% of people who contract the virus (once again, if you run the numbers that includes estimates related to anti-body studies) are asymptomatic.  Secondly, if, hypothetically, this mild virus decides to return next year, it will likely mutate, and be a stronger and nastier critter.  So, why would we not wish to get sick with it while it is milder and build up some immunity so that we have the immune response ready to roll when it comes back stronger?  If, hypothetically, it came back stronger at a later time, doing what we can to not get infected would just make it worse for all of us upon that return.

Social distancing saves lives ………. except indoors, in the right conditions, it is possible for this thing to go more than six feet.  Besides, as I said before, don’t we want to practice herd immunity?  Not only to be ready for it the next time it comes around, but if we were to, say, shelter the most vulnerable, but the rest of us went about our normal business, and we all got infected, not only would it boost our immune response for when it returns (if that happens), but also it would run out of people to infect in a matter of a couple weeks, and be gone.  Social distancing has stretched this thing out, causing more damage than good.

We do not want to overwhelm our health system with the sick ……… First of all, if that is possible, we have bigger problems than a virus.  Our health care system should be ready for any emergency.  Second, since this thing is mild, and a huge majority of positive cases are asymptomatic, the hospitals are empty, and there was never a danger of overwhelming the health care system.

We must postpone elective surgeries so that beds remain available for COVID-19 cases in the hospitals ……. which has then left a number of people in pain who needs these surgeries, and the hospitals have remained empty; and, as some people I know in the industry have told me, are at about 1/3 capacity.

Vote by mail is necessary in this age of coronavirus ……. except that it isn’t.  We have already established the error of the social distancing policies as it is, plus, the liberal left is constantly guilty of voter fraud, and mail-in balloting in its own right opens up all kinds of opportunity for voter-fraud.

News sources will keep you informed of what is going on ………. except that they have an agenda, they are supporting the narrative that is lying to us about the coronavirus, and in the case of CBS, they’ve been caught lying about the virus on multiple occasions.

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