By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

I don’t wear a face covering in public, or at all for that matter, during this COVID-19 scamdemic.  In addition to my political problems with it, I also have medical exemptions, anyway.  I am hard of hearing, so I actually have to tell people to take off their masks so I know what they are saying.  Secondly, I have vertigo issues, and cutting off my oxygen supply increases my odds of dropping to the floor for hours as I ride the rollercoaster of dizzyness and spinning.  I am so tired of arguing with businesses in California over it who, time and time again have refused business to me even after I explain my reason for not wearing a mask, and explain to them that if I put on a mask I will be on the floor in distress and my wife will be getting their names for the impending law suit.  In Southern California the attitude about face coverings is so bad that a few weeks ago while walking with my cane in front of a grocery store, a private citizen slammed me against the wall saying as he did so, and as I fell to the ground, “Wear a f***ing mask, a**hole.”  I have been yelled at, I have had fingers shaken at me and middle fingers flipped at me, and anger spewed at me for not wearing a mask … even though, as I walk with my cane, there is an obvious medical condition going on.

Despite me going through some recent vertigo episodes, my wife and I have taken another trip (our fourth this year and since the alleged outbreak of the Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus), to our second home in Oregon.  Since our caretaker died last February, it has become imperative for us to go up there to take care of a lot of business, and prepare for an inevitable move out of California to the Oregon Coast.  As we arrived I was curious about the difference in weather, and my phone’s internet connection advised me of a thirty degrees drop in temperature.  As we pulled into town I also observed a number of differences.  Life in Oregon (while still struggling under the iron thumb of Democrat leadership) is much different than what is going on in California.  While more people are wearing masks right now, as compared to the last time I was up here last month and in March, not once has anyone given me a dirty look or asked me about not wearing a mask.  We went to the grocer’s, a mini-mart, a small convenience store, and an equipment retailer, all without a single concern about my lack of a mask on my face.

Then, I went out to eat with my wife, and the Oregonian attitude became suddenly crystal clear.  This was the sign on the door at the restaurant we visited in Gold Beach, Oregon:

Every American, politician from citizen, should read this, heed this, and then throw off their masks because to be honest, anyone sucking in less oxygen than we can in our normal unmasked lives are placing themselves at medical risk, in my humble opinion, which makes everyone medically exempt.

By the way, the steamed mussels, clam chowder, and fish sandwich was awesome at The Port Hole in Gold Beach.  You gotta visit it if ever you are in the area.

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