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I have been out of town so my writing has dwindled to nothing over the last few days. But, as I sit here and flip through my phone, looking at the news of the day, I can only shake my head in dismay, disappointment, and fear.

Over the years in my lifetime I have seen us go from a country fully believing in “In God We Trust”, to one that is struggling with immorality, political upheaval, a turning away from our foundation of Liberty, and one that is committing cultural suicide that rivals historical episodes such as the Israelites dancing around a golden calf as Moses came down from the mountain.

And, I weep.

“Never before had there been greater wretchedness in the country … And they said openly that Christ and his saints slept.” — The Peterborough Chronicle

The Peterborough Chronicle, one of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, provides a view of history of England after the Norman Conquest. I found the quote on the opening pages of “When Christ and his Saints Slept” by Sharon Kay Penman, a work of historical fiction.

Today we are experiencing no greater wretchedness than has been seen in the history of this country, but I don’t believe it is because Christ and his saints sleep, but because the church leadership in this country, and in this world, has allowed it to happen by running their faith under the tap which spews lukewarm Christianity.  Like Nineveh, if we do not fall to our knees in prayer, and if we don’t begin acting like the children of the One True God, and the Bride of Christ, this society and all that we have fought for over more than the last two and a half centuries will be lost, as the communists would say, to the dustbin of history.

First Amendment

Freedom of Religion … Pray About It
Freedom of Speech … Talk About It
Freedom of the Press … Write About It
Freedom of Assembly … Gather About It
Freedom to Petition the Government … Be Activists About It


Douglas V. Gibbs

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