By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

In California, during the current coronavirus lockdown it is illegal to go to church, but marijuana shops are considered essential and are open … oh, and in many cases, including New York, mosques are open.

Michigan Governor keeps abortion clinics open during coronavirus lockdown, calling them “life sustaining,” but mandates the wearing of masks by all citizens in order to save lives.

As studies reveal that the fatality rate from COVID-19 is much lower than originally believed, the number of deaths is being padded by the left to make the disease sound more serious.

The Liberal Left is demanding the country remain shut down to save lives, even though the number of deaths could be greater if we continue to destroy the economy with the lockdown.

Churches are violently threatened if they hold services, but lefties are trying to hold orgies.

Most Americans view China as our competitor (and perhaps even our enemy), yet have happily allowed the U.S. to become dependent upon China for most goods, including pharmaceuticals.

While the liberal left sees nothing wrong with the authoritarianism being thrust upon the American People during the coronavirus hysteria, a Harvard Professor is calling homeschooling authoritarian.

Democrats claim the GOP is anti-science regarding the coronavirus, then shut down any videos online that use science to reveal truths about COVID-19 if they don’t agree with their narrative.

Democrats continue to demand “shelter-in-place” despite the fact that science has determined herd immunity is what will save lives in this instance.  It turns out the left’s models were not even based on science, therefore their tactics are flawed.

Democrats have been calling the GOP and President Trump fascist since before Trump’s electoral victory in 2016, yet, as coronavirus hysteria continues to grip America, Democrats show they are the true fascists.

Narrative claimed the worst was coming, yet hospitals have been largely empty, and the Navy Hospital Ship Comfort (which was docked outside New York City to handle health care overflow) personnel claims expectations were far worse than reality.

The World Health Organization has been wrong along the entire way during the so-called pandemic, yet You Tube is shutting down any videos that disagree with WHO.

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