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I feel vindicated.  Science, now that they know more about the coronavirus, and have studied COVID-19 with a careful scientific eye, has come to the conclusion I came to months ago.  The coronavirus is a mild virus causing a largely minor disease, the narrative has been overblown, the strategies have been wrong and potentially dangerous, and in the end we made much ado about nothing.  Yes, some people got seriously sick.  Every year people get seriously sick with the seasonal flu, but we don’t shut down the country and destroy our economy as the leftists put into place ridiculous authoritarian policies.  And, what about the people that may die if this thing comes back in a mutated form, more dangerous than before, but most of us don’t have the antibodies, and therefore an immune system ready to roll against this thing, in the future?  What do we say to those people who die miserably because during the first go around we decided to run and hide from COVID-19, rather than deal with it head on?  

Have we reshaped our constitutional republic, as well?  Are we going to now a fearful new normal where everything scares us, and we let government grow tyrannical with the promise that they will protect us, when in reality they are enslaving us?

The coronavirus was the crisis the liberal left was waiting for, and it is our job, as champions of liberty, to rip the grins right off the faces of the leftist authoritarians by refusing to comply, by getting back to work in the free market, and using good ol’ American ruggedness to get through this and beyond this.
If only everyone had been listening to me from the beginning.

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