By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The New York Times is calling it the Trumpvirus.  The liberal left has been salivating over the coronavirus, creating a hysteria that even has Wall Street acting stupidly over it all.  Then, they claim President Donald J. Trump hasn’t done enough, or that he is only being reactive, but is not working with scientists over what to do.

The truth is, President Trump decided to cut down travel from China last month.  He acted before they did.  Back then, the Democrats freaked out, calling it an overreaction.  Now, they are saying he did not take the steps necessary.

The coronavirus emerged in the Wuhan area in China.  It’s emergence was blamed on the local residents eating bat soup.  The village lies in the vicinity of a biological warfare lab known for decades to be cooking up biological warfare.  So, one must ask, if the disease came from bat soup, how did the bats get infected?

As the disease has spread among humans around the globe, the liberal left is acting like it is an episode of Stephen King’s The Last Stand, or some zombie apocalypse movie.  We’ve been trained to believe the end of the world was coming, but it turns out, according to the latest liberal left news reports, it won’t be by flooding cities and out of control Climate Change.  It will be because of a Chinese virus.

Except, that’s jumping to conclusions a bit early.

Don’t get me wrong.  I recognize the seriousness of the situation, and despite the attacks against President Trump regarding this spreading viral disease, the reality is the president has been taking action … he’s just not acting in a panicked manner like the Democrats are.  Suspending travel from China last month was one action he took, and he took that action long before the Democrat liberal left-driven hysteria was in full swing.  There has also been the quarantine of certain Americans coming into the country that he has ordered, which has kept these people on less-used military bases until it was assured they’d be fine being mixed into American Society again.

Like President Trump, I am concerned, but I am not hysterical like the Democrats are.  It is interesting, too.  They refused to help him with their congressional seats over the coronavirus, but complain he’s “reacting” rather than being proactive (which is totally false).  What about them?  How have they been helping in the situation?

Rest assured, steps are being taken, and the Trump administration is watching closely what is going on.  But, unlike the Democrats, who are creating undue fear and a volatile market sellout on Wall Street, likely in the hopes that the virus will send us into a recession (because they know when it comes to elections, “it’s the economy, stupid”), the president is treating this potential crisis calmly, and with the usual firmness he is known for on any other issue.

The media’s sensationalism is because fear sells.  Yes, I agree we should take the coronavirus seriously, but let’s not be hysterical, either.

Remember, this virus originated in Communist China.  Remember, the cases number in very small numbers, at the current moment.  Remember, Trump restricted travel from China before everyone got all hysterical about the virus, which means he was acting ahead of them.  And remember, this is not the set for the movie World War Z.

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