My wife recently handed me two dueling
“Letters to the Editor” that were printed in the Rafu Shimpo, one by
Joseph Shoji Lachman (11-20-19) and one by Bob Wada (11-30-19).  The subject was Kurt Suzuki wearing a 
MAGA hat when visiting the White House recently.
      Mr. Lachman says that a “Make America
Great Again” hat is “a disgusting white supremacist symbol.”  Who, besides Lachman,  says so? 
Certainly not those of us who wear them (or would wear them were it not
for fear of being physically attacked).
      I, for instance, am a white male who is
married to a Japanese national.  We have
four mixed-race children, each one of whom is a college graduate and an
outstanding professional in his or her chosen field.  We attend a Japanese Christian church, but I
hardly ever take note of my fellow congregants’ Asian features.  They are just people.  Their race is totally irrelevant.
      Martin Luther King Jr. said that we
should judge people by the content of their characters, not the color of their
skin, but leftists like Lachman disagree. 
Try discussing any subject with them and quite soon they change the
subject to “who’s a racist?”  The
original dispute never gets resolved.
      It is one of history’s greatest ironies
that the people who do the most finger pointing in this regard are the
Democrats, and yet the Democrats are now and always have been the real
racists.  For instance, Lachman says,
“The question I always want to pose to these garbage Japanese Amerucans
is:  How can you support a guy (Trump)
whose campaign and supporters have voiced support for the incarceration of
Japanese Americans?”
Now, I
don’t remember hearing either Trump or his supporters saying one word in favor
of Japanese internment, but I do remember that the whole evil program was
created and implemented by Democrat President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. (Even
J. Edgar Hoover opposed Japanese internment, calling it “Pointless.”)
      It doesn’t matter how far back you go,
you will find Democrats oppressing racial minorities.  How about Democrat  President Andrew Jackson’s 1838 “Trail of
Tears”?  Sixty thousand peaceable,
hard-working, successful Native Americans were robbed of their land and
property and marched over five thousand miles into the wilderness. Over four
thousand of them died.
       Setting the Record Straight: American
History in Black and White
by David Barton tells us that, in 1860,
“Southern Democrats left Congress and took their states with them, forming a
nation that described itself as the ‘slaveholding’ Confederate States of
America.  While northern Democrats did
not support this secession, they still supported  slavery and opposed civil rights for black
Americans.”(pg. 25)  
       After the Republican North defeated the
Democrat South, Southern Democrats formed a secret guerrilla  army called the Ku Klux Klan.  Thereafter, “Democrats attacked and killed
both black and white Republicans.” (pg. 49) 
”The first seven black Americans elected to the U.S. Congress were all
Republicans,” (pg. 61) as was Martin Luther King and Abe Lincoln. 
      Democrat Senator Robert Byrd (America’s
longest serving senator at 51 years) was a Kleagle – recruiter – in the Ku Klux
Klan and rose to the position of Exalted Cyclops.  Bill Clinton delivered the eulogy at his
      By 1964, Lyndon Johnson had strategized
that he could harvest black votes  by
championing the very civil rights measures that he had fought against all his
life.  Thus, he created a new kind of
plantation, where mothers are married to the welfare state, fathers are largely
kept at arm’s length and  Democrat
lawmakers count on 90% of the black vote.
Winston Smith

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