By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The sun is nature’s disinfectant, so creating a UV Light treatment to battle the coronavirus makes all of the sense in the world.  Because, we want to defeat this thing and get back to normal as fast as possible, right?
Twitter and YouTube have removed all videos related to UV Light treatment because the narrative everyone is hearing must be doom and gloom, do everything to make Trump look bad, and to keep this thing going as long as possible.  They don’t want a cure because the authoritarian totalitarian measures they are able to put into place while everyone is afraid is much more important to the liberal left progressive commie bastards behind the media driven narrative of this thing.  The UV Light treatment stuff does something just horrible, in the eyes of the big wealthy leftists.  It gives people “hope,” and we just can’t allow that.

Coronavirus Dissipating On Same Timeline As The Traditional Flu…

A part of the narrative since day one is “don’t you dare compare this thing to seasonal flu.”  Why?  Nobody is afraid of the seasonal flu.  It is an annual irritant that we put up with, and nothing more.  The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic must be as doom and gloom as possible for the leftists to take advantage of the crisis as they so desire.  However, what we are finding out is that COVID-19 is turning out to not only be a lot like the seasonal flu, but it is much milder than the flu.
But, don’t say that out loud, you might be censored for voicing the truth.

…Professor: “No Empirical Evidence” That Lockdowns Stopped Coronavirus

The hospitals never filled up as expected.  I was speaking to someone who works at a hospital in Orange County, California.  He said elective surgeries have been postponed to make room for all of the COVID-19 cases that would be overwhelming the hospital.  Currently they have about a third as many patients as usual.  The hospitals are empty.  The doom and gloom expectations and predictions were more incredible than reality could ever deliver.

Hmmmm, sounds sort of like the man-made climate change hoax all over again, doesn’t it?

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