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Today’s Topics:

★ Grocery Store Brawl

➨ A Society of Angry Punks

  • While at the Grocery Store this morning I witnessed a fight developing. As customers walked by the burgeoning brawl between two young, profanity-spewing youths, without even taking notice, I decided to try to do something about it, and the response was shocking…

★ Border Security? Invasion? Gang Members? The Federal Government has bigger things to worry about than the rule of law at the border…

➨ Patriotism, and Other Domestic Terrorist Attitudes…

★ Judge strikes down California Gun Ammunition Law

➨ But the truth is, they aren’t really after your guns…

★ Managing the Coup

➨ And Taking the Next Step

★ Tucker Carlson’s Interview of Russia’s Vladimir Putin

➨ And the Democrats are livid!

★ More COVID Lies Exposed

➨ But a new round of a false scamdemic is on the horizon

Mr. Constitution Hour airs every Saturday Night at 9pm.

K-Praise (www.kprz.com)

Mr. Constitution Hour on KPRZ is a radio broadcast that looks at The United States Constitution through the lens of Christianity. The program is hosted by Mr. Constitution Douglas V. Gibbs.

This Week: Mr. Constitution Hour by Douglas V. Gibbs: Religion, Borders, and Militia — The Ten Commandments has been ordered to be removed from a Kentucky Courthouse, but is it really about freedom of religion and the alleged separation of church and state? The Border Crisis is escalating, and Biden is blaming it on Trump as Texas increases the razorwire and the National Guard is coming in from ten other states. Can Biden federalize the National Guard? Do the states need permission from the federal government to send the National Guard? Mr. Constitution explains. And finally, it turns out according to a PBS documentary that the January 6 Congressional Hearing was a publicity stunt. It’s all a show, and if they can’t take your guns, they’ll ban the well regulated militia…or at least Democrats Markey and Raskin are trying to with a new bill targeting “paramilitary” groups.

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