By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

I was at an office supply store picking up a few items and the young man behind the cash register commented, “I like your hat.”

I was wearing my “We the People” hat that someone had given to me as a gift.

“Oh, yeah?” I replied.  “I teach classes locally for free regarding the U.S. Constitution if you’re interested.” I gave him my business card.

“Ah, that’s very cool.”

“Good to hear,” I said.  “It’s rare a younger person shows interest in the U.S. Constitution.  Usually the folks who want to hear what I have to say have more gray hair than I do.”

“We care,” he said. “It’s just that nobody is talking to us.”

He then asked if I was using social media.  I do, though I have been behind as of late on posting.

He said that it seems like nobody is talking to his generation, yet, at the same time we are trying to figure out how to reach them, and get them to listen.  Is there a short in the circuitry somewhere?  How is it that the younger folks are eager, and we are trying to reach them, but somehow the connection is not being made?

“Excuse me,” he asked as he scanned my merchandise.  “If you don’t mind me asking, when has business been best for what you do?  I am guessing the last two years.”

“Actually,” I replied, “it was the eight years before that.”


“That said, I now also teach home school kids government and economics.  That is something that has come up the last two years.  Public schools, you know, want nothing to do with me.”

He furrowed his brow.  “Especially around here, I am sure.”

Was I talking to a liberal millennial who was criticizing the conservative nature of the schools in Temecula Valley?  Or, as a local product, was he telling me that the local schools were pretty liberal?

Nonetheless, the conversation was enlightening.  I later realized, politics probably had little to do with his thinking.  The younger generation thinks that both parties are pieces of crap (and in a way, they have a point), and they are simply seeking the truth.  They are confused, after all.  They have been indoctrinated with socialism, but with their eyes they are seeing that socialism is a failure and a joke.  They are told tobacco is a bad thing, but marijuana and mushrooms should be legal.  They have been largely steered away from eating meat because it is cruel to living things to eat them, but they are being told by the same people that abortion up to the date of delivery should be legal.  They are told that women have rights, and fairness is important, but that gender doesn’t exist and men who think they are women can unfairly participate in women’s sporting events.  They don’t know which bathroom to use, and in school the choice of locker room was dependent upon which gender they felt they were that day.  And schools have been pushing education of the left’s gender-bending dogma and aberrant sexual practices so hard that they have been literally pushing our kids to abandon their morals, yet something inside them tells them that something is not quite right.

Which brings us back to the short in the circuitry.  They want to listen, and we are talking, so why is there a problem in the communication?  Could it be that, thanks to the leftist narrative and indoctrination the kids are being exposed to, we don’t speak the same language?

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