By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The Democrat Party is in disarray.  Right before the last presidential election the film, Enemies Within, predicted all of this.  The socialists are in control, but most of the Democrats are afraid to admit it.

Bernie Sanders, a self-admitted democratic socialist, is leading the Democrat Party primaries, and everyone fears he may actually pull it off.  So, the Democrat Party establishment, who wants you to think they are moderate, even though they, too, are a bunch of socialists, are circling the wagons around Joe Biden in the hopes that they can pull off a win against Donald J. Trump in 2020.  However, thanks to Bernie, the reality is, Donald Trump is assured a 2020 landslide in November.

No matter what happens, not only will the Republican turnout, and pro-Trump turnout, wind up higher than it was in 2016, but the Democrat voter turnout will be lower than usual.  If Bernie wins the nomination, the moderates will stay home and refuse to vote for him.  If Bernie does not win the nomination, his followers will scream that the system is rigged, and they will refuse to come out and vote.  No matter what, the Democrats are assured a low voter turnout.

The only question is, how many States will Trump win?  45?  46?  47?  48?  49?

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