By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host 

One of the problems with tyranny is that tyranny does understand human nature or the rebellious nature of humanity.  They do not realize that their actions are not anything but rebellion against God, which is destined to destroy itself.

Our flesh constantly battles with our spirit.  This is why Benjamin Franklin said that only a virtuous society can be a free society.  Unless we are a virtuous society who puts all of our efforts and faith into God we are going to be rebellious against morality, and in the end, the rebellion will expand across the board and collapse the very society that claims its rebellion is something else.

Alexis de Tocqueville in his book “Democracy in America” argued that as democracy began to take hold of the American Republic for the time being, despite the destructive nature of democracy, America was fine because America was morally good.  The strength of American Society, he explained, is in America’s churches.  But, if ever we stop being a virtuous people, the damaging characteristics of democracy may eventually destroy the republic.  

Our human nature, being rebellious in nature, can never sustain democracy.  The tyrants holding office in America have been using democracy because they know it is a transitional system to oligarchy.  But, they have not taken into account that the rebellious nature of humans will ultimately destroy their narrative in the end.

The problem is, in order to maintain their narrative, because deception breeds inconsistency, their arguments have gotten so ridiculous that even the people they thought were their allies are saying, “okay, now it’s getting a little too ridiculous.

Video: What is a woman?  Can a man get pregnant?  They have become vain in their imaginations and dark in their minds.  Romans 1:21; in an attempt to look wise they have become fools.  A rebellious spirit leads to the rejection of The Lord.  The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God (Natural Law) is based on God’s natural order of things.  Nice to see that the video below agrees.

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